Faculty Resources for Purposeful Work Infusion Courses

Benefits to faculty members:

  • The opportunity to view your course through a fresh lens, potentially enhancing discussion and student engagement
  • The chance to engage in lively discussions about pedagogy with peers
  • Financial support for bringing a guest speaker* to campus (modest travel expenses and a $100 honorarium)
    • *Multiple guest speakers may be accommodated, depending on budget utilization
  • Addition of the course attribute “Purposeful Work” to your class listing in the Garnet Gateway
  • The opportunity to shape an important programmatic element of the purposeful work initiative

Participation Components:

  •  Include the following in class:
    • Presentation of course material through a lens that actively considers questions such as:
      • What is “work” and how does it shape ourselves, our society, and other facets of our world? How do we, in turn, shape work?
      • How do we each form a sense of ourselves and our desired path?
      • What are the components of a life well lived?
      • How have others made an impact about which they feel pride?
    • One assigned reading that connects “work” (broadly defined) to the academic content of the course
    • One required structured writing assignment in which students reflect on the convergence between their own “work” and their course content, drawing on readings and/or discussions. (Grading of this paper is optional.)
  • Attend two meetings (one hour each) about pedagogy, at the start of the semester and mid-semester.
    • These meetings are held over lunch or late afternoon refreshments, and multiple time options are offered to accommodate varying schedules.
  • Consider allowing an online assessment of the Infusion Project components to be sent to members of your class at the end of the semester.