International Students

The process of preparing for and applying to U.S. health professional schools is the same whether or not you are a U.S. citizen—the differences relate to which health professional schools will consider international students, and what finance options are available.

Most federally funded scholarship and loan programs are available only to U.S. citizens and permanent residents. An additional hurdle at some schools is a requirement to put from one to four years of costs (tuition, fees, and living expenses) in escrow before matriculation. In some extremely rare cases a foreign student who shows exceptional promise might be accepted with some scholarship aid at some of the more prominent and well-endowed private medical schools.

The Association of American Medical Colleges provides further information on some of the unique challenges and resources for international pre-health students. In summary, international pre-health students will be more limited than their U.S. peers in where they can apply, and private loans may require co-signers and/or funding in escrow.

Schools that accept international applicants (subject to change)

Schools that accept Canadian applicants (subject to change)

Financial Resources and Information Links for International Students