Degree Requirements

The Registrar and Academic Systems office is a resource for students with questions regarding General Education and Degree Requirements.

All requirements for graduation are listed in the Bates College Catalog. Students should check their DegreeAudit which can be found in Garnet Gateway under the Student Records menu. DegreeAudit gives students a complete profile of their progress toward completing their graduation requirements. DegreeAudit updates automatically with each registration change and there is a “what-if” feature to see how progress would change if a particular course, major, minor, or GEC were undertaken. Department/program chairs should be contacted for all questions regarding major/minor requirements and major advisors can access DegreeAudit for their advisees.

The Registrar and Associate Registrar have office hours scheduled each week throughout the academic year to meet with students. Students who would like to schedule an appointment should call ext. 5949. We encourage students to meet with us rather than emailing a particular question.