Course Change List (Cumulative)

Courses Added and Dropped from the Curriculum 2019 – 2020

AS/HI 275. China in the World. One-time offering. B. Cwiek.
AS/HI 301N.  Mummies, Marauders, and Modernizers: Silk Road Cultural Contacts in the Heart of Central Eurasia. One-time offering.  B. Cwiek.

AS/RE 327.  Modernization and Development across South and Southeast Asia. Normally offered each year.  A. Akhtar.

AV/CM 373. Art of the Global Middle Ages. Normally offered every other year. B. Woodward.

BIO 195C.  Lab-Based Biological Inquiry: Symbiotic Microalgae. Normally offered every other year. A. Hill , M. Hill.
BIO 195D.  Lab-Based Biological Inquiry: Living in a Microbial World. Normally offered every other year. K. Palin.
BIO 195E.  Lab-Based Biological Inquiry: Living in a Microbial World. Normally offered every other year. A. Mountcastle.
BIO 195F. Lab Based Biological Inquiry: Phenotypic Plasticity and the Changing World. Normally every other year. R. Bavis.
BIO 204. Biological Research Experience: Molecules to Ecosystems. Normally offered each semester. R. Bavis.
​BIO 206. Evolution and Interactions of Life. ​ Normally offering each Year. ​D. Dearborn,  K. Dobkowski.
BIO 301. Pathophysiology. One-time offering. B. Salazar-Perea.

CHI 321.  Chinese Landscape Painting and Poetry. ​​ ​One-time offering. ​C. Ling.

CM/EN 277. Medieval Literatures of Resistance: Power and Dissent, 1100-1500. Normally offered every other year. S. Federico.

CM/GS 217. Sex and Gender in Ancient Rome. One-time offering. G. Gillies.

DCS 375. Network Analysis. Normally offered each year. C. Eaton and A. Shrout.

DC/GE s14. Communicating Climate Change. Normally offered each year. R. Saha.

DC/MA 316.  PIC Math: Topics in Industrial Mathematics. One-time offering. A. Salerno.

DC/MU s15. Sonic Art and Crafts. One-time offering. A. Tamirisa.

ENG 395C. Pacific Studies and the Literatures of Oceania. ​Normally offered every other year. ​T. Salter.
ENG s11.  Reading “Piers Plowman”: Intensive Study of a Late Fourteenth-Century Allegory. One-time offering. S. Ferderico.

EN/ES s26. Overstories: Telling the Lives of Trees. Normally offered every other year.L. Nayder.

ENG 280.  Anti-Semitism, Assimilation, and the European Novel, 1850-1935. Normally offered every other year. S. Freedman.

EN/TH s20. Introduction to Screenwriting. Normally offered each year. C. Odle.

ENVR 273. Land and Livelihood. One-time offering. E. Miller.

EU/HI 288. Modern Russia: From Revolution to Today. One-time offering. R. Kazyulina.
EU/HI 301L. Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.One-time offering. R. Kazyulina.

​EU/PT 305. Money and Power. ​One-time offering. ​A. Grahame.
EU/PT s29. Europe in Crisis. One-time offering.  A. Grahame.

​FYS 506.  Ways of Knowing: Contemplative Practice, East-West. ​N. Trautz.
FYS 507.  Lewiston: A Local Lens on Global Issues.  S. Boss.GEO s51B. Redesign of Earth Materials. One-time offering. G. Robert.
FYS 508. The Rest of Nature through Human Eyes. C. Essenberg.
FYS 509.  The Sociology of Holidays. M. Rocque.

​GSS 205. Queer Indigenous Studies. Normally offered every other year. I. Ellasante.
​GSS 206. Gender Traditions and Transformations in the Americas.
​GSS 312. Trans Narratives of Self. Normally offered every other year. ​ I. Ellasante.
​GSS 313.  Gender in American Indian Literature. ​Normally offered every other year. ​ I. Ellasante.

​GS/PT 304.​ ​Intersectional Political Theory: Lesbian, Black, and Indigenous Feminisms.​ ​One-time offering. ​E. Gambino.

​INDS 200.  Women’s Movements across East Asia (Southeast and Northeast Asia). ​Normally offered each year. ​A. Akhtar.
INDS 285. Welcome to Paradise: The United States and the Caribbean. Normally offered every other year. J. Essame.

LS/SP 318. Jewish Latinx Fiction. Normally offered every other year. S. Pridgeon.

PSYC s51D. “Faster, Higher, Stronger”: Collaborative Course Design as a Catalyst for Success in Teaching About. Normally offered every other year. M. Sargent.

THEA 373. Acting Styles. Normally offered every other year. T. Dugan.

The following courses have been approved to be cross-listed by the Curriculum and Calendar Committee during the 2018-2019 Academic Year.
PSYC 250 with Neuroscience

The following course(s) have been provisionally approved to be reinstated by the Curriculum and Calendar Committee during the 2019-2020 Academic Year. 

NS/PY 250. Biopsychology of Motivation and Emotion.

ENG 160. Passages to/from India.

Courses Added and Dropped from the Curriculum 2018 – 2019

AA/SO 395N. Immigrant Racialization. Normally offered every other year. M. Medford.

AM/RE 317. Trauma, the Bible, and American Identity. One-time offering. L. Carlson.

AMST s32. Remixing and Remembering. Normally offered every other year. M. Beasley.

AN/PY 213. Introduction to Linguistics. Normally offered every other year.  D. Sanford/

ANTH 105.  Global Circuits: Popular Culture, Migration, and the World Economy. Normally offered each year. J. Lyon.

AT/PH 336. General Relativity. Normally offered each year. C. Whiting.

AS/RE s28. From Shangri-la to Radical Dharma: Buddhism in North America. Normally offered every other year. A. Melnick.

AVC 220. The Digital Composite: A Creative Process. Normally offered every year. E. Morris.
AVC 309.  Advanced Video Production. Normally offered every other year. C. Gonzalez Valencia.

BI/CH 304.  Biochemistry of Virus Replication and Host Cell Defense Systems. Normally offered every year. G. Lawson.

BIO 129. Human Nutrition. Normally offered every other year.B. Salazar-Perea.
BIO 195A. Lab-Based Biological Inquiry: Marine Biology in a Changing Ocean. One-time offering. K. Dobkowski.
BIO 202. Cellular Basis of Life. Each semester. L. Banks, L. Brogan, A. Hill, L. Williams
BIO s38.  Ecology and Natural History of the Maine Coast. One-time offering. K. Dobkowski.
BIO S47. Experimental Cell Biology/Lab. One-time offering. M. Kruse.

CHEM 111. Science and Human Welfare. Normally offered every other year. G. Lawson.
CHEM 337.  Natural Products and Secondary Metabolites as Drugs. Normally offered every other year. C. O’Loughlin.
CHEM s51B. Designing Experiments in Inorganic Chemistry. One-time offering. G. Laurita. Redesign course.

CHI s21. Chinese Language and Culture, Health and Chinese Traditional Medicine. Normally offered every other year. L. Miao

CM/RE 223. The Bible and Empire. One-time offering. L. Carlson.

DANC 245. Dance Pedagogy. Normally offered every other year. J. Fox.

DC/MU s20. Interactive Sound Art. One-time offering. G. Bolanos

DCS 105. Calling Bull in a Digital World. Normally offered each year. C. Eaton.
DCS 106. TechnoGenderCulture. Normally offered every other year. A. Shrout.
DCS 304.  Community Organizing for a Digital World.  Normally offered every other year. C. Easton.
DCS s22.  Past, Present, and the Possible Dystopian Future of Computing. Normally offered every other year. C. Eaton.

ECON 272. North American Economic History until 1914. Normally offered each year. V. Geloso.
ECON 319. Financial Management. Normally offered every year. M. Osei.
ECON 343. International Finance. Normally offered every year. M. Osei.
ECON 373. The Economics of Crime, Punishment, and Rehabilitation. Normally offered every other year. J. Kurzfeld.

ENG 119. “I, too, sing America”: Poetry of This Moment/Movement. One-time offering. M. Hardy.
ENG 203. Thinking through Dreams in Medieval and Early Modern Britain. One-time offering. Wright.
ENG 395V. Literature, Medicine, and the Problem of Empathy. Normally offered every other year. L. Nayder.
ENG s12. Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale: Novel, Sources, Adaptations. Normally offered every other year. L. Nayder.

ENVR 319. Imagining Climate Change. Normally offered every other year. J. Costlow.
ENVR 306. Disturbance Ecology. One-time offering. C. Aoki.
ENVR s12. Postindustrial Cities of the Northeast: Decline, Revitalization, and Sustainability. One-time offering. F. Eanes.
ENVR s39.  Visualizing Data: Design, Power, Truth. One-time offering. C. Aoki.

ES/GE 309. Contaminant Hydrogeology. One-time offering. J. Meeks.

ES/GS s13. Infrastructures. Normally offered every other year. extra cost $150.00. R. Herzig.

EU/SO 395Q. Populism in the Age of Globalization. Normally offered every other year. F. Duina.

EXDS 215. Bates Science Fellows II. Normally offered every year. K. Palin.
EXDS 216. Bates Science Fellows II. Normally offered every year. K. Palin.
EXDS s15S. ST Practicum: Advocating for Sustainability. One-time offering. M. Imber and S. Inches
EXDS s15T. ST Practicum-Apprentice Learning: Building the Japanese Boat. One-time offering. Imber and D. Brooks.
EXDS s15U. ST Practicum: Spies, Special Agents and the Presidency. M. Imber and E. Rostoum.
EXDS s15V. ST Practicum: Screw Your Brand: Marketing with Higher Purpose for the Conscious Human. ONe-time offering. M. Imber and E. Kim.

FYS 489.  Writing Ourselves, Writing With Others: Identity, Community, and Discourse. B. Fullerton.
FYS 490. Centuries of Struggle: American Women’s Protest Movements, from Seneca Falls to “Me Too.” M. Creighton.
FYS 491.  Reading Japan in Multicultural Picture Books. K. Konoeda.
FYS 492.  Environmental Protection: Nuts, Bolts, and Inspiration. L. Sewall.
FYS 493. Cultivating Social Justice in Community Gardens. S. Wade.
FYS 494.  Lorraine Hansberry and James Baldwin: Young, Gifted, Black, and Queer. C. Nero.
FYS 495. Understanding Russia: Truth, Lies, and Bullshit. D. Browne.
FYS 496.  Racial Formation in Biomedical Science. B. Harr.
FYS 497. Community Science of Brain Injury in Sports. M. Kruse.
FYS 498. The Commonplace Book. F. Duina.
FYS 499. Reading Literary Space.S. Dillon.
FYS 500. Seeing With Light: The Physics of Biological Imaging. T. Gould.

GEO 114. Water in Maine. One-time offering. J. Meeks.
EO s12. Environmental Change at Temyiq Tuyuryaq. One-time offering. B. Johnson.

GS/PL 363. Feminist Epistemology. Normally offered every other year. L. Ashwell.

HILS 301K. The cold War in Latin America. One-time offering. A. Baldacci.
HI/LS s22.  Food, Power, and Gender in Latin American History. One-time offering. A. Baldacci.

INDS 236. Race Matters: Tobacco in North America. One-time offering. M. Plastas.
INDS 301G. Black Resistance from the Civil War to Civil Rights. Normally offered each year. A. Baker.
INDS 306.  Queer Africana: History, Theories, and Representations of Same-Sex Desire in the African World. Normally offered every other year. S. Houchins.
INDS s11. Bordering Hispaniola: Blackness, Mixture, and Nation in the Dominican Republic. Normally offered every other year.  J. Lyon.

MATH 306. Applied Linear Algebra. Normally offered every other year. H. Boateng.

MUS 223. Twentieth- and twenty-first-Century Styles and Techniques. Normally offered every other year. H. Miura.

NRSC 205. Statistical Methods. Normally offered each year.

NRSC 209. Neural Codes: The Language of Thought. Normally offered every other year. M. Greene.

NS/PY 464. Seminar in Systems Neuroscience. Normally offered each year. J. Castro.

PLTC 261. Nuclear Politics. Normally offered each year. J. Ko.
PLTC 303. States of Emergency. One-time offering. A. Grahame.
PLTC 321. Theories of International Relations Normally offered each year. W. d’Ambruoso.

PLTC 381. Rules, Norms, and Laws of War. What laws, rules, and norms govern war? Normally offered every other year. J. Scheideman.

PSYC 342. Theories of Psychotherapy. Normally offered each year. J. Goodman.
PSYC s27. Helping Relationships.  Normally offered each year. J. Goodman.
PSYC s39.  Composing a Life: Narrative Identity Development Across the Lifespan. Normally offered every other year. R. Fraser-Thill

PY/SO 373. Racism: A Multilevel Approach. Normally offered every other year. M. Sargent.

Span 233. Drama and Performance in the Spanish-speaking World. Normally offered every other year. F. Lopez.

THEA 129. Shakespeare in Production. One-time offering. B. McDowell.

The following courses have been approved to be cross-listed by the Curriculum and Calendar Committee during the 2018-2019 Academic Year.

History s27. Feminism of the 1970’s and 1980’s. Cross-listed with GSS and PLTC  now INDS s27.

Spanish 341 with Latin American Studies. now LS/SP 341.

The following course(s) have been provisionally approved to be reinstated by the Curriculum and Calendar Committee during the 2018-2019 Academic Year. 

CM/EN 395E. Medieval romance

Courses Added and Dropped from the Curriculum 2017 – 2018

AA/RH 202. Coming of Age While Black. Normally offered every other year. C. Nero.

AC/AN 207. Anthropology of Race. Normally offered each year. Jacqueline Lyon.

AC/HI 299. White Supremacy: An American History. Normally offered each year. Andrew Baker.

ACS s31. Broad/Turns: Print, Protest, Performance. Normally offered every other year. Myron Beasley.

AN/LA 205. Citizenship, Borders, and Belonging. Normally offered each year. Jacqueline Lyon.

AS/HI 257. Caravans, Khans, and Commissars: A History of Central Eurasia. Normally offered Each year. Wesley Chaney.

AS/SP  338.  Asia in the Hispanic and Lusophone Worlds. Normally offered every other year. David George.

AS/PT 375. Political Economy of Asia. One-time offering. See Won Byun.
​AS/PT 324. Nationalism, Conflict, and Peace in East Asia.​ Normally offered every other year. Jiyoung Ko.

AS/PT s28. Domestic Politics and International Relations.  One-time offering. See Won Byun.

AS/RE s26. The Buddhist Himalaya: Religion in Ladakh. Normally offered every other year. Alison Melnick.
ASTR 202. Galaxies and Cosmology. Normally offered every other year.  Alaeksandar Diamond-Stanic.

ASTR 201. Introduction to Stellar and Planetary Astrophysics. Normally offered each year. Jeffrey Oishi and Aleks Diamond-Stanic.

AVC 311. Animation II: Experimental Methods. Normally offered each year. Carolina Gonzalez Valencia.
AVC 320.  Contemporary Photography: A Body of Work. Normally offered every other year. Elke Morris.
AVC 381. Modernisms: A Global Perspective. One-time offering. Mia Liu.
AVC s20. The Contemporary Still Life in Photography. One-time offering. Denise Froehlich.

AV/EN 208. Asian American Graphic Narrative. One-time offering. Tiffany Salter.

BI/CH s24. Introduction to Scanning Microscopies. Normally offered every other Year. Matt Cote.

BIO 128.  Out of the Sea. Normally offered every other year.
BIO 217. Human Anatomy and Physiology I. Normally offered every other year.  Bruno Salazar-Perea
BIO 218.  Human Anatomy and Physiology II. Normally offered every other year.  Bruno Salazar-Perea

BIO 327. Cancer Biology. One-time offering. Derek Laux.
BIO s13. Health and Medicine: At Home and Abroad. One-time offering. Karen Palin.
BIO s20. Gut Biology. Normally offered each year. Louise Brogan.
BIO s51A. Organismal Biology (BIO 190). New course beginning Short term 2018. Andrew Mountcastle and Carla Essenberg.

BSAC 005. Genetically Modified Organisms: Science and Latin American Perceptions. One-time offering. T. Glen Lawson.
BSAC 006. Introduction to Public Health. One-time offering. T. Glen Lawson and Oscar Arteaga, Univ. of Chile.
BSAC 007. Weird Literature: Viruses, Difference and the Question of Security and Order. One-time offering. Claudia Aburto Guzman.

CHEM 104. Introduction to Water Chemistry. One-time offering. Xiaqing Xu.

DCS s12. Community-engaged Computing. Normally offered each year. Matthew Jadud.
DCS 202. Nature of Data, Data of Nature. Normally offered each year. Matthew Jadud.

ECON 303. Institutional Economics. One-time offering. Se Mi Park.

ENG 202. The Global English Renaissance. Normally offered every other year. Jose Villagrana.
ENG 204. Milton and the English Civil War. Normally offered every other year. Jose Villagrana.
ENG 395A. Apocalypse Then and Now. Normally offered each year. Jose Villagrana.
ENG 395X. Digital Dickens. Normally offered every other year. Lillian Nayder.

ENVR 211. Ecology of Food and Farming. Normally offered every other year. Holly Ewing and Carissa Aoki.
ENVR s23. Community Writing and Gardens. Normally offered each year. Daniel Sanford.
ENVR s51A. Scientific Approaches to Environmental Issues. One-time offering. Holly Ewing and Camille Parrish.

EU/HI 214. World War II: Catastrophe and Transformation. One-time offering. Ben Moodie.

FRE 151. Gender, Race, and Social Class in French and Francophone Film. Normally offered each year. Mary Rice-DeFosse.
FRE  340. Social Pulse, Documentary Impulse. Normally offered every other year. Alex Dauge-Roth.
FRE s51A. First-Year Seminar About Truth. One-time offering. Alex Dauge-Roth and Micahel Murray

FYS 475. Theorizing the Ku Klux Klan. Christopher Petrella.
FYS 476. Coastal Hazards/Lab. Beverly Johnson.
FYS 477. The Story of Earth. Genevieve Robert.
FYS 478. The History of the Brain: Ideas and Delusions about Brain Function from Antiquity to the Digital Age. Jason Castro.
FYS 479. Ethics & Environmental Issues. Paul Schofield.
FYS 480. Communism. Jim Richter.
FYS 481. Truth. Alex Dauge-Roth and Michael Murray.
FYS 482.  Reading Cats and Dogs. Myra Wright.
FYS 483.  The Death of Democracy? Jacob Longaker.
FYS 484. Making Sense: The Social Significance of Sensory Perception. Josh Rubin
FYS 485. Contemporary Comedy. Tiffany Salter.
FYS 486. Wildlife Diseases: The Nature of Parasitism. Don Dearborn.
FYS 487. Politics and Performance on Stage and Screen. Clifford Odle.
FYS 488. From “Could We?” to “Should We?”: The Making of the Atomic Bomb. Lynn Mandeltort.

GEO s20. Lost Beaches of Maine. One-time offering. Alice Doughty.

GS/RE 322. Gender and Power in Christianity. One-time offering. Laura Carlson.

GS/PT 302. Gender, Sexuality, and Conflict Seminar. One-time offering. Carla Abdo-Katsipis.

HI/LS 213. The Cuban Revolution. One-time offering. Alexis Baldacci.

HIST 264. A People’s History of American Capitalism. Normally offered each year.  Andrew Baker.
HIST 294. The Revolutionary Black Atlantic, 1770-1840. Normally offered every other year. Joe Hall.
HIST 296. Nature and Authority: An Environmental History of Latin America. One-time offering. Steven Bachelor..
HIST 297. Money, Magic, Myths, and Markets: Capitalism in Latin America. One-time offering.  Steven Bachelor.
HIST 301C. Pax Americana: The History of U.S. Empire. One-time offering. Ian Shin.
HIST 301F. African Nationalism and Decolonization. Normally offered every other year. Patrick Otim.
HIST S21. Crime and Punishment in Africa. Normally offered each year. Patrick Otim.
HIST s51A. Teaching the Revolutionary Black Atlantic. One-time offering. Joe Hall.

INDS s33. Brazil in Watercolor: Sexuality Politics in the Tropics. One-time offering. Jacob Longaker.

JPN s28. Introduction to Business Japanese. One-time offering. Junko Onosaka.

LA/PT 353. Political Violence in Latin America. Normally offered every other year. Clarisa Perez-Armendariz.

LA/SP 317. Screening Citizenship: Jewish Latin American Film. One-time offering.  Stephanie Pridgeon.

LS/PT 352. Participatory Democracy. One-time offering. Jacob Longaker.

MUS 105. The Singer-Songwriter in History: From Bernart de Ventadorn to Bob Dylan. One-time offering. Benjamin Hansberry.

NS/PY 304. Embodied Cognition, Technoculture, and the Future of Identity. Normally offered every other year. Nancy Koven.

PHIL 321K. Philosophy of Animal Minds. One-time offering. Mike Dacey.
PHIL 332. Moral Psychology.  Normally offered every other year.  Mike Dacey.
PHIL 365B. Vagueness: Moral and First-Personal. One-time offering. Rohan Sud.

PLTC 456. Senior Thesis Seminar. Normally offered each Semester. Senem Aslan, Stephen Engel, Jim Richter.
PLTC s20. Global Environmental Politics. One-time offering. Carla Abdo-Katsipis.

PSYC 306. Positive Psychology. Normally offered every other year. Helen Boucher.
PSYC 378. Experiencing the Power of Picture Books. Normally offered each year. Krista Aronson.
PSYC s38. The Social Psychology of Film. One-time offering. Alex Borgella.

REL 106. Religion and Grief. One-time offering. Laura Carlson.

RE/SO 231. Sociology of Religion. One-time offering. Benjamin Moodie.
RHET 219. Race, Gender, and International Cinema. Normally offered every other year. Jonathan Cavallero.
RHET 391J. Film Festival Studies. Normally offered every other year. Jon Cavallero.

SOC 25. Consciousness in Sociology Theory. One-time offering. Francesco Duina.

THEA 339. Advanced Playwriting. Normally offered each year. Clifford Odle.

The following courses have been approved to be cross-listed by the Curriculum and Calendar Committee during the 2017-2018 Academic Year.

PSYC 399. Jr/Sr Seminar in Biopsychology. (Cross-listed as NS/PY 399)

SOC 290 – Political Sociology (Cross-listed as EU/SO 290)

The following course(s) have been provisionally approved to be reinstated by the Curriculum and Calendar Committee during the 2017-2018 Academic Year.

AVC 293 – African Photography.
BIO 351: Immunology/Lab.
BIO s23. Understanding Cancer.
ECON 320 – Advanced Econometrics.
ECON s51B. Six Beverages of the World.
EDUC s19. Theory and Practice of Writing and Tutoring.
ENG 113 – Theory of Narrative.
ENG 121I – 21st Century Poetry.
FRE s34. French Drama in Performance.
GEO s31. Limnology & Paleolimnology/Lab.
INDS 257. African American Women’s History.
LATN 203. Republican Prose. 
LATN 204. Republican Poetry.
MATH 102. Mathematics Across Sciences.
MATH 345M – Enumerative Combinatorics. 
MUS 110 – Music Theory for beginners.
PSYC 399. Jr/Sr Seminar in Biopsychology
SOC s26. Life Course and Aging.
SPAN 342. Latin American Intersections.