Policies for Transfer Students

Bates College General Education Requirements Policies for Transfer Students


Students may view the General Education requirements in the Bates Catalog or online at: https://www.bates.edu/registrar/academic-information/general-education/. The following policies for transfer students apply.


Writing (W1, W2, W3)

  • A student who transfers to Bates as a first-year student (i.e., a student who will be enrolled at Bates for 7 semesters) is required to complete the W1 requirement by the end of his or her first semester at Bates.
  • A student who transfers to Bates as a sophomore or junior (i.e., a student who will be enrolled at Bates for 4, 5, or 6 semesters) is not required to take a W1 course. He or she is required only to take one W2 course during the sophomore or junior year and one W3 course during the senior year.
  • W1, W2, and W3 requirements may only be satisfied by courses taken at Bates.


General Education Concentrations (GECs) 

  • A student who transfer to Bates in the 2nd semester of his or her sophomore year, or later, (i.e., a student who will be enrolled at Bates for 4 or 5 semesters), is required to complete only 1 GEC, not 2.
  • If a transferred course is deemed by Bates College to be directly equivalent to a particular Bates course, then the transferred course can be used to satisfy any GEC requirements that the Bates course satisfies.
  • To be applied toward a Concentration, the non-Bates course without an equivalent must be judged by the Concentration’s Coordinator to be comparable to a Bates course already in the Concentration.


Scientific Reasoning, Laboratory Experience, and Quantitative Literacy (S, L, and Q)

  • A non-Bates course may be applied toward the S, L, Q  requirement if directly equivalent to a Bates course that satisfies the requirement or with prior approval of the appropriate department/program chair and the chair of the committee that oversees these requirements.