Committee Letter Process

The letter of recommendation written by the Bates Medical Studies Committee on an applicant’s behalf is called a composite letter or committee letter. Committee letters are preferred by medical and most dental schools, and accepted by some veterinary, optometry and other health professional schools. The letter is referred to as a “composite” because it incorporates information from several different sources.

Purpose of the Committee Letter

The committee letter serves many purposes, all of which are valuable to students in the application process:

  • To provide a clear narrative of the applicant’s candidacy
  • To address anomalies in the applicant’s candidacy within context
  • To give admissions committees a clearer understanding of the candidate in the context of other Bates applicants
  • To help the committee learn more about applicants, which may be helpful in guiding them through the application process.

Eligibility for a Committee Letter for New Applicants

In order for a committee letter to be written for a new applicant (i.e., an applicant who has never received a composite letter), you must submit the following documents to Bates Center for Purposeful Work as outlined in our application process.

Please note that while there are no GPA or MCAT cut-offs to receive a composite letter of recommendation, we strongly encourage students to engage in the committee letter of recommendation process when they feel confident that they are a competitive applicant. A committee letter will provide an honest evaluation of academic performance and readiness for success in the rigorous medical school curriculum.

Timing and Contents of Composite Letters

Prior to your Committee interview we will ask you to submit to us several documents and information such as your transcripts and letters of recommendation. This information, in addition to your campus interview, will help us gain a more complete view of you as an applicant and to write the strongest, and most comprehensive Committee Letter possible.

After a time intensive process of writing and editing, the final draft of the Committee Letter will be ready for submission to the applicants designated application service. The packet of materials sent by us include:

  • Medical Studies Committee (composite) Letter
  • Individual letters of recommendation