Support Students Outside the Classroom

Meeting Individual Needs and Interests

The earlier students start working with us, the more likely they are to secure jobs, internships, and other experiential learning opportunities. Therefore, we strongly encourage students to meet with our staff as soon as they enroll at Bates.

We meet with students and alumni wherever they are in their career development process, and we assist them with crafting a customized plan. The BCDC is committed to empowering all individuals with life-long tools and resources to support their unique preferences and strengths at every stage.

How You Can Help

  • Support the unique paths and interests that your students follow
  • Encourage first-year students, sophomores, and any students who seem lost in the career development process to visit with us and attend events that are specially designed for them
  • Forward helpful contacts and resources from employers and graduate/professional schools to the BCDC
  • Connect students with alumni who may share similar interests and career aspirations – and refer alumni to the BCDC as networking resources
  • Share your own career path stories – successes and challenges alike – with your students