Purposeful Work at Bates

PW logoWork is fundamental to our lives. It helps define who we are and who we will become. At Bates, enabling students to lead lives of meaningful work lies at the heart of our liberal arts mission.

Purposeful Work is a college-wide initiative that helps students identify and cultivate their interests and strengths and acquire the knowledge, experiences and relationships necessary to pursue their aspirations with imagination and integrity. Purposeful Work encourages collaboration and risk-taking. It supports failure and reinvention. When coupled with a liberal arts education, Purposeful Work prepares students for success in the modern economy.

At Bates, Purposeful Work begins with Orientation, continues through our First Year Seminar, and spans a student’s college career with opportunities to explore, reflect and build their skills. It includes skill-specific courses taught by alumni and industry leaders. And it includes a network of Bates internships that are available to every student.

“The aim of the college should be to produce graduates whose rounded education shall have prepared them to live in every chamber of their being, to be at home in the world as the world presents itself today, and to be master of the opportunities that the many-sided life of our age may offer.”

— Bates President George Colby Chase, 1894

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