Purposeful Work at Bates

The Purposeful Work initiative is designed to help students find meaning, launch careers, and maximize their time at Bates and beyond.

Through hands-on opportunities and active discussions in classes, interactions with practitioners, and summer internships, students gain insight into their values, strengths, interests, and personality.

They also come to better understand the world’s needs and how they fit into those needs, and how to construct a compelling narrative about their past experiences and future goals. Students emerge from Bates able to make intentional decisions, reflect on experiences, and persevere through challenges.

E_130808_Shelby_Sullivan_0364Marcus Delpeche participates in rhetoric course


“The aim of the college should be to produce graduates whose rounded education shall have prepared them to live in every chamber of their being, to be at home in the world as the world presents itself today, and to be master of the opportunities that the many-sided life of our age may offer.”

— Bates President George Colby Chase, 1894