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Caleb Perlman

Graduation Year | 2019

Majors | Philosophy & Psychology

“Figuring out what I really cared about and then prioritizing that was something that never occurred to me until college. You have to sacrifice some things and prioritize, and actually develop an essential set of things that you're going to spend your time doing.”

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My Journey

Take a scroll and learn about how I got to where I am today.

Current Status

Wrapping up senior year!

Fall 2015

Purposeful Work Infusion First Year Seminar: The Nature of Spirituality with Professor Baker

“I just have this very distinct memory of the sun shining in on Hedge Hall, and us illuminating ourselves with knowledge.”

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“When I came for my tour, people were on the football field, just lying around chilling, being friendly with each other. I could see there was a real sense of community. In my notebook I remember writing ‘FRIENDLY’ in big letters. Big capital letters.”

Summer 2016

Purposeful Work Internship at Mindful Boston

“My freshman year I did an internship with Mindful Boston, which is a mindfulness-based stress reduction organization. I spent a lot of my time doing a lot of administrative stuff, traveling with the head of the organization, and helping her run these mindfulness workshops that she was doing. It was really cool.”

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Fall 2016

“There are two weeks in fall where every tree on campus is a vibrant color and the air is crisp and cool — the campus resonates with New England charm at this period of time.”

Short Term, May 2017

Practitioner Taught Course: Mediation & Restorative Justice

“I liked how this class brought heart into the academic work. We studied the nature of conflict, how we relate to one another and how we communicate our needs and desires and wishes and beliefs. Professionals in the field came in to tell us about their experiences firsthand.”

“Meditating in the chapel has been an integral part of my experience on campus ever since orientation.”


“I co-run a themed residential house called The Contemplative House, and I co-run the Dharma Society. I’m also a TA for a couple of psych classes: two sections of Psych 101, and then a Social Psych class. So it’s a handful. And I love it all.”

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