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JR Watanasiri

Graduation Year | 2019

Major | Biochemistry

“Purposeful Work has really shaped my time here at Bates. The program is designed to help students gain experience in the real world and become exposed to a large variety of skills that translate well into a career after Bates.”

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My Journey

Take a scroll and learn about how I got to where I am today.

Current Status

Wrapping up senior year!

Fall 2015

“I arrived at Bates for my first semester! One of the first classes I took was Social Psychology, a Purposeful Work Infusion Course, with Professor Boucher.”

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“I’ve been on the Bates men’s Ultimate Frisbee team for a few years now, and I have met many wonderful people through the sport.”

Summer 2017

Purposeful Work internship at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute

“I wanted to do something biology-related over the summer, so I started looking for internships. This one stuck out, because I was already a big fan of seafood. I saw “Atlantic bluefin tuna,” and I was like, “Wow, I love tuna. I want to learn more about it.” I was psyched when I got it, and I really enjoyed it; learning about the seafood chain, starting from fishermen, working all the way to the customers.”

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“I enjoy spending time volunteering at the Androscoggin Humane Society, where I help staff members take care of dogs, cats, and small pets. Not only do I get to spend time helping the community clean up the animal shelter in preparation for busy days, but I also get to spend time playing with animals that are often full of energy and want lots of love.”

“What else do I do outside class? I’m a part of the Asian American Students In Action club (AASIA). We discuss social and political issues related to Asian Americans, as well as cook and spend time getting to know each other.”


“My job at the Bates Help Desk has really helped me learn more about the community in many different ways. The Bates community really isn’t just students; you interact with faculty, staff, and other people within the Lewiston community. The expectations for every customer are different, so you kind of have to adjust as you go along.”

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