Graduate School Funding

For information regarding graduate school funding please visit:


Michigan State University Libraries Grants for Individuals

International Scholarships and Financial Aid Positions

EducationUSA Financial Aid Database

UCLA Graduate & Postdoctoral Extramural Support (GRAPES) Database


AAUW’s Career Development Grants – for women who, through additional higher education, technical training, or participation in professional development institutes, are making career changes, seeking to advance in current careers, or reentering the workforce.

Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Program – for students from select developing countries

Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (scholarships and fellowships listing for wide-range of graduate and undergraduate funding in various fields, not limited to international affairs)

The Financial Guide for Higher Education in America

List of financial aid resources for students from Latin American and Caribbean countries studying in the U.S. Organized by country.

Organization of American States Leo S. Rowe Fund (interest-free loans to international students from Latin American and CAribbeean countries enrolled in US universities)

US News & World Report Scholarship blog