Life Architecture: Helpful Resources

A message from the students in the 2018 Life Architecture Short Term:

This class was transformative for us as Bates students grappling with the big picture issues of graduating and transitioning out of being a college student. Many of us often remarked that we wished our friends could have taken the class as well, or even that all Bates students should have a chance to take a class like this. We realized that much of what we learned in class would be beneficial to all Bates students, not just those who could take this course, so we decided to create a page that would share information we thought was most helpful to us. This resource is available to anyone and everyone, whether you have taken Life Architecture or not.

Our class was organized around four broad themes consisting of networking, how to ‘plant yourself,’ what really matters, and practical issues. This page includes useful resources in all of these areas, including links to books we read in class, notes on guest speakers, guides to networking and practical skills, and more!

What Really Matters

Plant Yourself