Share Your Expertise

Connect with Other Bates Students and Alumni

Your role as a Bates parent can have a tremendous impact not only on your own child’s career development, but on those of other Bates students and alumni as well.  Students are often more willing to seek and accept advice from anyone other than mom and dad.  While your own child may not be keen on following in your footsteps, you may well have the opportunity to take other students under your wing.

The Bates Career Development Center plays an active role in maintaining an expansive network of parents and alumni who volunteer to share their time and professional expertise with students who share similar interests.  There are many ways for parents to make a difference:

  • Forward job or internship postings to the BCDC
  • Encourage your employer to recruit at Bates
  • Join the Bates Online Community – an active network of Bates students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends – and become a career advisor
  • Attend a Bates Network gathering in Boston, New York City, Portland (Maine), Chicago or Washington, D.C. – where Bates parents, students, alumni, and guests meet to connect and network professionally around a variety of career-related or Bates Community-related topics
  • Refer helpful contacts and resources from employers and graduate/professional schools to the BCDC
  • Participate in a career panel or information session specific to your industry

Please contact the BCDC to find out more, or to volunteer.  Thank you for your willingness to help Bates students and alumni with their career development!