Video + Audio Export Standards

These are the DMS recommended output settings – for Vimeo, it is okay to use higher quality video as desired.

This page is kept up to date based on the latest trends and technology advances.
Last updated: September 26, 2015

  • Where “source video” is the original video from card/camera
  • Widescreen HD source video is anything 1280×720 or greater.
  • Most Bates DMS freelancers record at 1440×1080
  • DVD widescreen is SD – use Vimeo SD settings when uploading DVD clips


For Widescreen HD Source Video:

1920 x 1080 29.97fps Progressive
Square Pixels (1.0)
Premiere: Vimeo 1080p 29.97
For FCPX: Use Vimeo share option


For widescreen HD Source Video:

640×360 H.264 (progressive) .mp4 (must be MP4)
Premiere: Vimeo SD Widescreen 29.97
For FCPX: Use Adobe Media Encoder

For non-widescreen source video:

640×480 H.264 (progressive) .mp4
Must be MP4
Premiere: Vimeo SD 29.97
For FCPX: Use Adobe Media Encoder

When exporting for Ensemble from FCPX:

  • Export “master file”
  • Use Adobe Media Encoder CC for encode.


Audio Only
MP3 44.1 16-bit