Digital Media Studios

The Digital Media Studios occupies the ground floor of Pettigrew Hall. It is a cross curricular facility open to all Bates community members. Our project support ranges from in-class workshops to collaborating on research and media projects with faculty. Our facilities includes professional studios for recording audio and video, post-production facilities for media editing and a small training lab.

  • The Edit Suites: Three private, reservable suites for editing video and recording and editing audio. Edit A doubles as a podcast studio.
  • The iMac Lab: A training and post-production space containing 12 iMacs.
  • The Video Studio: A small, professional television sound studio.
  • The Animation Studio: Contains three workstations for 2D stop motion animation.
  • The Loaner Pool: Borrow equipment here.


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For support, please contact:


Colin Kelley
Pettigrew 120
Manager, Digital Media Studios
Senior Academic Technology Consultant