Adding/Removing Blocks

Instructors will have the ability to use the ‘Blocks’ feature in Lyceum when they have editing turned on in their Lyceum course:

Once the editing is on, the ability to add a new block to their course will appear at the bottom of the navigation bar to the left of the page, under the ‘My courses’ field:

Once selected, the blocks that are available to add to your course will appear in a list:

Once selected, the block will automatically appear on the right-hand side of the page. By default, all blocks will be placed on the right side of the page and only the order of the blocks from top to bottom can be rearranged using the cross icon located on each block:

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If a block is selected that instructors would like to remove from their course, select the gear icon within the block:

The option to remove the block will be at the bottom of the list:

*Note This does not mean the block is deleted forever. It is just removed from your course. You can go through and re-add any block to your course, even if recently removed