Embedding a Youtube Video in Lyceum

Instructors have the ability to embed Youtube videos into their Lyceum course using the Page activity.

  1. Locate the desired video on the YouTube platform
  2. Below the video, click the Share link
  3. You will see a Share popup with different options. Click the Copy button next to the URL.

  4. Return to your course page and turn on Edit Mode in the top right corner

  5. Navigate to the section that you would like to add your video to and select Add an activity or resource

  6. For type of resource, select Page

  7. Give the page a name. Scroll down to the Content field (not Description) of the form, select the Insert or edit an audio/video file button (an icon that depicts a page with video camera)

  8. You will see an Insert Media popup. Paste your Youtube share link in the Source URL field. Give the video a name if you would like that to display instead of the URL. Click Insert Media.

  9. You will now see the video link in the Content field.

  10. Click Save and Display. The video is now embedded in the course and students will not have to leave Lyceum to view it.

    If you plan to add multiple videos to a course, you may wish to create a course Media Gallery.