Practitioner-Taught Courses

Transferable skills • Fast-paced experiences • Tangible final products

Innovation and experimentation have always been the hallmarks of Short Term at Bates. Practitioner-Taught Courses during Short Term offer opportunities for students to explore more practical and applied areas of study than are available within the core liberal arts curriculum.

Practitioners-in-Residence, often Bates alumni, teach applied knowledge and skills in their field of expertise. Students explore worlds of work, add to their practical skill set, and expand their professional network, contributing to their career exploration and preparation for future work.

PTC collage“One of the best classes I have taken at Bates… It is such a great learning experience and an opportunity for us to relate the general knowledge we receive during the normal school year to the field to help us better prepare for life after college.”

~Urban Planning PTC student

+Past Practitioner-Taught Courses





  • Ben Schippers '04Digital Innovation, taught by Ben Schippers ’04 and Will Schenk, co-founders of Happy Fun Corp, featuring guest speakers, entrepreneurship talks and computer lab time
  • Graphic Design, taught by Brandy Gibbs-Riley ’96, principal and owner of Gibbs-Riley Design, featuring field trips to design firms and museums
  • Healthcare Administration, taught by Shannon Banks ’85, P’14, senior vice president at Martin’s Point Healthcare, featuring weekly job shadows
  • Social Change Organizing and Advocacy (see 2015 listing above)