Folder Resource

Lyceum allows a teacher to display several course files together within a folder. These files can be different types and they also can be uploaded in one go (as a zipped folder which is then unzipped). These files can also be added one at a time to an empty folder on the course page. Follow these steps to add a folder resource to your course:

Note that students will need to have the correct software to be able to open them the files

  1. To begin, turn ‘editing on’ within your Lyceum course
  1. Select ‘Add an activity or resource’
  1. From the list that appears, scroll down to the bottom under ‘Resources’
  2. Select ‘Folder’
  1. This will direct you to the ‘Adding a new Folder’ page
  1. Under the ‘General’ settings section, you can add the folder title in the ‘Name’ field and the folder description within the ‘Description’ field
  2. Under the ‘Content’ settings, this is where you can add files for your folder within the ‘Files’ field. As mentioned, you can add multiple files within a folder
Content settings
Display folder contents field
  1. The ‘Display folder contents’ field is defaulted to ‘On a separate page’, where the folder will appear on your Lyceum course as just the folder
How the folder appears on your Lyceum page
How the files appear once the folder is selected
  1. If you select ‘Inline on a course page’ from the drop-down menu, the folder and it’s content will appear within your Lyceum page
How the folder and files appear on your Lyceum page
  1. Once you are done customizing, select ‘Save and Display’ at the bottom on the page