Edit Course Items

Once instructors have added content to their Lyceum course, they can edit the items settings, hide it from student view, delete it entirely or duplicate it. To start:
  1. Turn editing on in your Lyceum course

  1. Next to the course item, select ‘Edit’
  2. From that drop-down menu, select the function you would like to use

Edit settings

This option will allow you to change any of the customizations of that item. For example, you could change the title of the item or the description that you originally called it. After making these changes, be sure to save them by selecting either ‘Save and return to course’ or ‘Save and display’

Move right

This option will allow you to move the course item to the right-hand side of that section by tabbing it in slowly. As default, your course item will appear at the left-hand side of the section when it is initially created, but it can be moved to any position from left to right in that section


This option will allow you to hide the course item from student view. Similarly, when you want the students to be able to see a hidden item, select ‘Edit’ and ‘Show’


This option will make an exact replica of the course item. Note that if it is a quiz/assignment, it will not duplicate those responses or submissions of that quiz or assignment


This option will allow you to delete the item entirely from the course