Adding Extra Credit

Instructors have the ability to add extra credit in their gradebook for either a specific grade item (assignment, quiz, etc.) or for a specific grade category (Participation, Quizzes, Exams, etc.). The steps below will explain the how to set up extra credit both ways.

NOTE: Be aware that Lyceum grades can never exceed 100%. If a student has a max score for an activity and also accrues enough extra credit to exceed 100%, the points will not carry over and would need to be manually added to the students course total/final grade.

Setting up Extra Credit

NOTE: This example is only using one grade item within the category, but you can have as many as you would like. For example, you can add an extra credit grade item to a ‘Participation’ category of 15 items. Be aware though that when Lyceum calculates a total for a category, it first processes all of the non-extra credit items. Any extra credit items are then added to that subtotal. For example, a category having 3 grade items (a 90 out of 100, a 100 out of 100, and an extra credit item worth 3 points) will first process the non-extra credit items (the 90 and 100 will have a simple weighted mean score of 95.) Then it will add the extra points to the subtotal (95 + 3) to get a category total of 98 points

NOTE: Moving grade items around in your Gradebook Setup is discussed in our Lyceum Gradebook: Initial Setup tutorial under the Moving Grade Item(s) section

  1. Navigate to your Gradebook Setup in Lyceum
  2. Select ‘Add category’ at the bottom of the page
  1. Add the title of the category that you would like, for example ‘Extra Credit for the Final Exam’, and then change the ‘Aggregation’ to Simple weighted mean of grades. Note this is the only aggregation that you can add extra credit with
  1. Select ‘Save changes’ and you will be directed back to your Gradebook Setup page
  2. Once created (this will appear at the bottom on your list), you will want to add/move the specific grade item you want to add extra credit to, such as an assignment or quiz
  1. Once your activity is added to the category, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select ‘Add grade item’. The grade item you will be adding is the extra credit itself
  1. Customize this extra credit grade item to how you would like it to calculate and then select ‘Save changes’
  1. If you did not select the correct grade category for this to go into when creating it (see above screenshot under the Parent category), then you will have to move this grad item manually
  1. Next select ‘Edit –> ‘Edit Settings’ next to your extra credit grade item
  1. Scroll down to the ‘Parent category’ section and select the Extra credit checkbox
  1. Once you select ‘Save changes’ it should now appear as such in your gradebook
  1. You now have a extra credit item that will go directly to the (for this example) Exam 1, Part 1. You will have to manually add the grades for this example

Using an Activity as Extra Credit

Lyceum also allows you to add an activity such as an assignment or quiz as an extra credit item. This is a great option for those who want to have an option question or set of questions for students to take for extra credit or have an extra credit assignment. This example will be using a set of M/C questions as extra credit to a final exam

  1. Follow the steps above in creating a category and creating the activity on your Lyceum page
  2. Move this item into your ‘Extra credit for Final Exam’ category
  1. Select ‘Edit’ –> ‘Edit settings’ of this activity and scroll down to the ‘Parent category’, selecting the Extra credit checkbox (see steps 10 and 11 above)
  2. Now the Extra Credit Q’s will become extra credit for Exam 1, Part 1