Creating an Assignment

*Note* The interface of Perusall may be a little different, as they are frequently updating their services, please check out the ‘What’s new‘ page part of Perusall’s resources.

Once you have material uploaded to your Perusall course, you can then create an assignment. Follow these steps below to learn how:

  1. Select the ‘Assignments’ tab from the ‘Getting Started’ page
  1. To add assignments, select the ‘+Add assignment’ (green) button
  1. You have 3 steps to go through to add assignment – the first is to choose the material you would like this assignment to be on. This is a drop-down menu that will hold all of the documents and e-books that you have within your ‘Library’ tab
  1. Select the content you would like to use. For this example, I am using an uploaded file from my local computer called ‘H5P.’ Once the material is selected, you will then need to choose the range in the document you would like to assign. Here it lets you assign certain pages or you can choose to assign the entire document. Once you have selected the range to which you would like to assign, select ‘Next step’
  1. In the next step, you will be asked to add a submission deadline (this can be left blank if chosen to), add an assignment name, and add instructions for students. Please note that the assignment name must match the name within your Lyceum course for grades to properly populate your gradebook. Once you are finished, select ‘Next step’
  1. On the last step, every customization is optional. You can add an annotations to grade, which by default is 7 annotations per student, can be overridden by how many annotations you would like students to complete. You can also add a date when you would like the assignment to become visible to students, if you choose to make this assignment in advance. You can assign specific students to this assignment and make the assignment fully anonymous. Do note that the anonymous feature will have students appear as anonymous when working on assignments and all comments will be posted anonymously. But nothing is anonymous to the instructor, only to other students. Once you are finished customizing the assignment settings, select ‘Save changes’
  1. You assignment will now be created, select ‘Open’ to start annotating the material. Alternatively, select ‘Edit’ if you would like to edit the assignment and select ‘Delete’ to delete the assignment entirely

**For more information on how to add text to your Perusall site, follow these help sheets: