Technical Knowledge

Understanding of and competency using basic technology/technical skills in a given field

  • Learn about the technical competencies (such as ArcGIS ) required for entry-level positions by reading job and internship descriptions
  • Learn elements of design skills and become proficient in software programs such as Photoshop
  • Join the Tech Club to share or learn computer programming skills
  • Learn and use a project management software program
  • Become proficient in using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
  • Learn to use Google Analytics by taking their free training
  • Learn to use Excel proficiently
  • Learn to diagnose and correct malfunctions and maintain operations of equipment you will use often in your internship or entry level position
  • Work at the Digital Imaging Center
  • Read the ILS help tips
  • Work at the Help Desk
  • Learn financial modeling programs
  • Learn to use social science research analysis tools
  • Take a summer business course, online or at a local continuing education organization or community college
  • Participate in HBX CORe