Health Professions Advising

Pre-Health Studies at Bates College has developed a well-earned reputation for providing access to the rigorous preparation required for admission to professional schools. A successful application depends primarily upon the applicant’s performance and potential as measured by grades, standardized test scores, and health-related experience. Students who have taken advantage of available curricular and co-curricular preparation met with the pre-health advisors and met the high standards required for professional school admission are, as a group, highly successful in gaining admission into the medical professions and in the completion of their training.

Our graduates have distinguished themselves across the country in private practice, clinical and basic research and academic medicine. Well over a thousand physicians, dentists, Ph.Ds, PAs, NPs, etc. trained in medical sciences have received their undergraduate education at Bates.

The People

  • Lee Abrahamsen, Ph.D. Chair of the Medical Studies Committee and Associate Professor of Biology, Carnegie Science 207-786-8266
  • Karen Daigler, M.A. Senior Associate Director for Graduate and Professional School Advising, Medical Studies, Bates Center for Purposeful Work, 207-786-6230
  • James Smith, Program Specialist, Bates Center for Purposeful Work, 207-786-6467