SUS: EcoRep (S9892C)

Summary, Scope, and Responsibilities

Thank you for you interest in becoming an EcoRep here at Bates College. EcoReps serve as a resource for information about sustainability programs. In this paid position you’ll have an opportunity to help shape Bates by working to make the campus more environmentally sustainable. As an EcoRep, you will work in a team to develop and implement programs and peer-to-peer outreach to promote recycling, energy conservation, and sustainable transportation.

There are many benefits to being an EcoRep including working with a team of students who have similar aspirations, helping to shape a more sustainable campus culture, and developing your strengths as an agent of change. As an EcoRep you will be able to use your skills and passions to help implement successful programs.

Specific responsibilities include:

Other Work Tasks May Include:


The Basics

Department: Office of Sustainability
Supervisor: Julie Rosenbach
Office Location: Physical Plant
Email: jrosenba
Pay Grade: C
Hours: 5-8 (excluding finals and breaks) and work hours vary according to tasks

Qualifications, Requirements, and Responsibilities


The Eco Rep must have completed at least one academic year completed at Bates and must attend a one day training. They must also be able to walk all over campus.


Reports to: Julie Rosenbach Coordinates/Works closely with: Office of the Environmental Coordinator, team of students


Environment: All over Bates campus