On-Campus Employment

If you would like to get a feel for the types of student positions offered on campus, return back to our homepage, highlight Student Positions, and in the drop down menu below, click on the All Jobs: Reference Only link.

Here you can find a list of all of the student positions that have hired students at some point in time in the past. Each position listed includes a description for viewers to gain a better understanding of the types of student positions offered on campus. Please Note: This link does not list available on campus positions. Students cannot apply for positions under this link.

Employment opportunities exist to work on an “on-call” basis as well. For example, a department may temporarily need a student to fill in as a Receptionist, to clean a work space, or file paperwork. The Student Employment Office has created an email list serve for students who wish to receive notifications of available “one time only” or temporary positions. Directions to join the seo-oncall email list can be found on the Student Employment homepage. Even when working in an on-call, on campus position, students must have their WAC and are still required to complete their electronic timesheet in Garnet Gateway. On-call students will be paid at grade level A, unless otherwise approved by the SEO.