Capital Planning and Construction

The Capital Planning and Construction staff provides high-quality campus facility master planning and construction services to the College.  We are responsible for planning, designing and constructing fixed assets including new and existing buildings, furnishings and equipment and utility infrastructure.

Project Managers assist in the development of requests for services not considered ordinary maintenance.  The cost of the work is typically funded via the annual capital budgeting process or is funded by the requesting department.  Once the “Project’s” scope, schedule and budget are developed (with assistance of Capital Planning and Construction), the requesting department typically submits the Conceptual Project information to their Senior Staff representative for review and approval during the annual capital budgeting request process.

You may request a project by utilizing the Request a Project Memo and Form.  Your request can be submitted to Facility Services throughout the year allowing ample time for planning and pricing your project while also avoiding last-minute requests, which are difficult to fulfill on short notice.

The Capital Planning and Construction Project Manager’s role is to provide a systemic method to conceptualize, plan, design, and construct capital improvement projects.  We strive to complete all projects within the agreed upon scope, schedule and budget, while delivering the highest possible value to the College.

To maintain high service levels, we invest in a strong working relationship with the client to understand the project’s requirements, decisions and available resources and needs.  We engage all stakeholders including building occupants, maintenance and operations, Information and Library Services, as well as regulatory and permitting offices, to provide informed and timely decisions throughout each phase of a physical development project.

We contribute to informed decision-making by staffing various campus committees including the  Space Planning Committee, Classroom Committee, Committee for Environmental Responsibility and Committee on Public Art.

Regular business hours are 7:00 am to 3:30 pm, Monday – Friday.