Facility Services Billable Rates

Effective July 1, 2018

Facility Services Billable Rates are as follows:


$22.00/HR     Regular Hours
$33.00/HR     Overtime Hours


$26.00/HR     Regular Hours
$39.00/HR     Overtime Hours


$34.00/HR     Regular Hours
$51.00/HR     Overtime Hours


$30.00/HR     Regular Hours
$45.00/HR     Overtime Hours

Services provided at no cost

  • Maintenance and repair related activities
  • Basic vinyl roll-up window shades
  • Up to 15 feet of basic shelving
  • Light bulb replacement
  • Ceiling tile replacement of damaged or broken tiles
  • Flooring replacement based on life cycle and budgeting
  • Minor moving services in house
  • Event support during business hours
  • Painting based on life cycle and budgeting
  • Minor repair, assembly and disassembly of furniture 
  • Picture or tapestry hanging
  • Building System air conditioner repair and replacement
  • Surplus furniture in Cutten Maintenance Center storage area
  • Space temperature adjustments
  • Window caulking or shrink wrap kits

Services provided with costs

  • Painting color changes off cycle
  • Changing flooring type or color off cycle
  • Portable/Window air conditioner purchase, initial installation, and replacement
  • Window treatments other than basic roller shade
  • Shelving/bookcases above initial allowance
  • Additional new or specialty light fixtures
  • Furniture refinishing or major repair
  • Renovations due to space use changes
  • Departmental event support after hours
  • Furniture purchase other than from our surplus area
  • Equipment; including repair/replacement of faculty specialized equipment
  • Intentionally damaged or broken items or systems
  • Addition/relocation of building electrical outlets, lighting, plumbing, heating, humidity control, air conditioning & thermostats
  • Moving services from an outside vendor/provider (more than 1 office)