Step 2 – Evaluation and Planning Alternatives

The second part of the Campus Facilities Master Plan (2003-04) was an evaluation of facility needs and priorities.  Several alternative plans for future campus development were discussed and shared with the community.  A final, revised plan was selected.

The inquiries were structured as follows:

Identify “highest and best use” of facilities

  • What are the options for reuse of existing buildings?
    • Can existing buildings be assigned to other functions?
    • Identify “sacred spaces” that should not be changed
  • Identify buildings to take out of “inventory”
  • Are renovations feasible, given cost estimates and code requirements?
  • Some facilities may be more effectively replaced by new construction.
  • Identify needs for additional square footage
    • Replacement needs
    • Room for future growth or expansion in line with College goals
    • New or changing programs
    • Consider appropriate scale for campus culture
    • Integration and “fit” with the campus as a whole
    • Environmental impact

Strategic alternatives

Explored strategies in order to:

  • Strengthen links between main campus and areas across Campus Avenue
  • Strengthen links between main campus and athletic areas across Central Avenue
  • Strengthen east-west links through the campus
  • Address relative isolation of some residence halls
  • Address weak “wayfinding” and “sense of arrival” issues

Identified critical facilities needs and outlined steps to:

  • Upgrade residence halls
  • Address outdated and overtaxed dining facilities
  • Address other long term space needs and improve existing spaces
  • Initiate a sequence of new building and renovation projects that can encompass major planning objectives

Present and select among alternative design concepts

  • Sasaki consultants present 3 to 6 alternative design concepts
  • College selects 1 to 3 options for further refinement
  • Final concept is selected and approved by Trustees
  • Probable cost analysis

Bates College specialfacilities overview:

  • 47 academic and administrative support buildings
  • 36 residential buildings
  • The Edmund S. Muskie Archives and Special Collection Library
  • The Olin Arts Center
  • The Bates College Museum of Art
  • Lavinia Miriam Schaeffer Theater
  • Gannett Theater
  • Black Box Theater
  • Bates-Morse Mountain Conservation Area
  • Bates College Coastal Center at Shortridge
  • The Multicultural Center
  • Benjamin E. Mays Center
  • Stephens Observatory 0.32 meter reflecting telescope
  • Spitz A-3 planetarium
  • Alumni House
  • Bates Language Resource Center
  • Joan Holmes Perry ’51 Atrium
  • Student Wellness Center
  • Dunn Guest House
  • Athletic Facilities
  • Keigwin Amphitheater