Requesting a Project

To request a project with our Capital Planning and Construction Project Managers, please submit a service request through our request portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a project?

To process your request in a timely manner, please submit a service request through our request portal. Once logged into the system you will see Projects as a category, and Capital Project Request as a subcategory there. Please be prepared to answer questions related to budget, funding source, and project timing, as these fields are required when submitting a request. If the request is dependent on obtaining Capital Funding, it is best if the person requesting the project has reviewed and gained the support of their senior staff member prior to submitting the request.  The senior staff member will be responsible for gaining Capital Funding approval.

What defines work order service work and project work?

Work performed via a work order is generally defined as basic building maintenance or minor repair/updating and should be requested by submitting a service request, emailing, or calling the Facility Services Work Request Line at 786-6449.  Facility Services Operations and Maintenance crews will handle these types of requests.

A project is work that is fairly substantial in size and involves renovation or new construction.  A project almost always requires architectural or engineering services and a building permit.  Projects are initiated by submitting a service request and selecting the Capital Project Request category.

How much detail do I need to include in the description of a project?

You should include as much information as you can to explain what you want to accomplish.  This should include the location, any rooms that will be impacted, an estimate of the square footage, what type of space (i.e. lab or classroom), and any constraints you have identified (i.e. cannot do work during certain hours), etc.

Who should I ask for help?

If you need help completing a project request, please contact Work Control at the Work Request Line at 786-6449 or the Facility Services Office at 786-6207.

Who should be requesting a project?

The best person to request a project is someone that is able to make financial decisions for your department, and who knows the specific goals of the project. If the request is dependent on obtaining Capital Funding, the person requesting the project will be responsible for reviewing the request with their senior staff member. Their senior staff member will be responsible for discussing the project with senior staff and obtaining approval for the capital funding.

How soon should I expect to hear from someone after requesting a project?

A Capital Planning and Construction Project Manager or representative will contact you within a week after receipt of your service request.

How much will my project cost?

Project costs are determined upon completion of construction drawings created for a defined scope of work.  Project estimates of varying degrees of precision will be provided as your project develops.  Capital Planning and Construction can provide a preliminary estimate early on in order to help you determine the ballpark costs for the work and to help you understand whether you can afford to proceed.

How long will my project take?

Your project timeline will be discussed with you and determined by your assigned project manager.  The project scope, available funds, department schedules, Capital Planning and Construction Project Manager work load and many other factors will influence the final project schedule.  Every project is unique and every project has a schedule that is developed specifically for its circumstances.

When can Capital Planning and Construction start on my project?

Your assigned project manager will help determine the project start date in consultation with you. In general, your project can start when you and your project manager agree that your scope is well defined, a timeline is established and your project is fully funded. Please note, you are responsible for identifying the funding source(s). Be sure to work with your senior staff member for projects that require Capital Funding.

What would hold up my project?

Your project could be held up for a number of reasons including lack of funds, incomplete scope of work, insufficient lead time, changes in scope or expectations, existing building conditions, etc. In the event delays are experienced on your project, your assigned project manager will discuss the impact to the schedule and help to determine a contingency plan.