Dorm Damage

You are responsible!

For the students who live in them and the Facility Services staff who work hard to keep Bates residences nice, dorm damage is disheartening and expensive. Bates challenges all students who live on campus to take responsibility for their living space and work together to end dorm damage.

The College Dorm Damage Procedure

Questions regarding dorm damage charges?

Contact David Larrabee in Facility Services directly, at 207-786-6205 or email:

  • Dormitory damage is defined as damage to a facility that exceeds a physical condition that would be expected from normal wear and tear.
  • Please see the list of dorm damage charges.  They include a brief description of each charge.
  • Several functions when discussing dorm damage include:
  1. Discovering the damage
  2. Recording the damage
  3. Creating a work order
  4. Creating a bill
  5. Scheduling and performing corrective work
  • Dorm damage is time-consuming and requires a high level of overhead
  • Damages that occur most often have standard charges developed using the RS Means method of estimating.  This includes labor and materials, contractor and Facility Services overhead.  The materials are of commercial or institutional quality and are more expensive than the local hardware store or lumber store products.
  • Damage is disruptive and forces the deferral of other work, in order to perform these unscheduled repairs.
  • Since Facility Services staff need to concentrate on their jobs, some dorm damage repairs are based upon calling in a general contractor and recouping the full cost of the repairs.
  • By reading the Dormitory Damage Standard Charges List in advance, individuals will know the financial consequences of creating the damage.
  • When individuals cannot be identified as the party responsible for the damage, either the floor or the dormitory (as determined by the residents of each dorm), shall be charged.
  • Damage in common areas is assumed by the person or group deemed responsible.  When it is impossible to identify the responsible party, charges for repairs are billed to ALL building residents.
  • Charges appear on semester bills.  Failure to pay dorm damage charges may lead to transcripts being withheld and/or disciplinary action.
  • Willful destruction of property will result in disciplinary action.