Current Projects

Current Projects
  • Carnegie Air Handler and Greenhouse Renovations
  • Gomes Chapel Renovation  (click here for an in-depth Campus Construction article):  The second and final phase of the Gomes Chapel Envelope Restoration project includes full masonry repairs of the four exterior walls, the entry portico, window tracery and stained glass units.  We are working closely with Multifaith Chaplaincy and Conferences and Campus Events to coordinate and minimize impacts to campus during the construction.
  • Bonney Science Center New Construction (click here for an in-depth Campus Construction article).
  • Carnegie Classroom 113 Renovation to improve classroom teaching environment.
  • Merrill Gym Sports Med renovation to accommodate growing need for space for the Sports Medicine Program.
  • Coram ILS Renovation (Curricular and Research Computing).  Curricular and Research Computing (CRC) staff were displaced from two offices within Pettengill when Digital and Computational Studies (DCS) moved in. The CRC staff backfilled the vacated Imagine Suite on the first floor of Coram, however, the space in its current configuration is not conducive as offices and does not meet the growing program’s needs.
  • Carnegie Science Greenhouse Renovation:  The greenhouse ventilation system does not effectively maintain environmental condition suitable for ongoing research and instructional programs.  Summer 2019
  • Gray Cage Power Distribution:  Installed in 1927, the Gray (Cage) Athletic Building’s electrical service equipment has reached the end of its useful service life.  In addition to the Gray Cage itself, the service distributes power to Alumni Gym, Muskie Archives, and John Bertram Hall.  Summer 2019
  • John Bertram Hall Renovation Project:  John Bertram Hall is a four story building comprised of the original building, built in the mid 1800’s, and stair additions on each end added in 1979.  Over the summer additional wood beams will be sistered to the heavy timber roof framing of the original construction to increase its load bearing capacity to meet current snow loading requirements.  Summer 2019