Steering Committee

Members of the Master Plan Steering Committee (2003-04)

The members of the Steering Committee were charged with working with the consultants to provide information, to help identify and refine College goals and prorities, and to review and help select among the alternative plannning concepts.

All efforts undertaken within the planning process involved students, faculty and staff members. While it is not possible to summarize the names and roles of all the people that have been involved, here are some of the major contributors. At all stages of the process, extensive input from all campus constituencies has been incorporated.

Note:  This Committee completed its work in fall 2004.  An implementation steering committee was convened in 2005.

Master Planning Steering Committee (2003-2004)


  • Terry Beckmann VP for Finance and Administration and Treasurer

Board of Trustee Representatives

  • Susan Doliner, Class of 1981
  • Henry (Jack) Keigwin, Class of 1959

Faculty Representatives

  • Michael Murray, Economics
  • Liz Tobin, History and Dean of the Faculty’s Office
  • David Kolb, Philosophy
  • Joseph Pelliccia, Biology

Departmental Representatives

  • Jim Bauer, Information & Library Services
  • Bob Bremm, Facility Services
  • Jim Fergerson, Institutional Planning & Analysis
  • Holly Gurney, Dean of Students Office
  • Bob Pallone, Office of College Advancement
  • Pam Wichroski, Facility Services

Student Representatives

  • Jamie Nissen, Class of 2006
  • James Fisher, Class of 2004