New Dining Commons: February 2008

Context A residential college needs a modern, well-functioning, comfortable place where students can connect

Concepts The new facility will incorporate a “servery” that clusters nine themed stations into a sort of critical mass of temptation

Facts and features Architect, location, features

Visualizations Envisioning the new Dining Commons

Slide show: Upstairs, downstairs Before moving ahead, Bates took a look at the culture of Bates dining

Video: ‘Commons: Where Bates Connects’ Dining Services currently dishes up 4,000 meals a day in Commons and caters another 5,000 events annually. Clearly, as Dean of Students Tedd Goundie says, “Bates people have a great affinity for gathering and being with each other”

The new dining Commons opens, Feb. 25, 2008 About 1,000 Bates people put the new dining Commons to the test over dinner on Monday, Feb. 25, 2008