Raising and Lowering your Bed

Fall 2021 Bed Raising, Lofting and Bunking Form

  • Different buildings have different types of furniture

  • Some beds can be raised or lowered in their current setting

  • Some beds can be lofted to store other furniture (desk, bureau, etc.) underneath

  • Some beds can be bunked

  • Every bed that is bunked or lofted is issued a safety railing as part of the process for your use.  If you do not have one, please submit a request here and we will deliver one.
  • If you wish to have your bed adjusted in one of these ways, submit a service request here and our Grounds crew will make the adjustments you request.

  • Please note that students must relocate items from around the bed area so that work can be performed. If this is not done, work may need to be rescheduled and/or Facility Services will not be responsible for minor damage to student belongings.

BuildingBed Type
10 FryeBunk Only
126 Wood StRaise, Loft, or Bunk
280 CollegeRaise, Loft, or Bunk
354 CollegeRaise, Loft, or Bunk
84 BardwellRaise, Loft, or Bunk
Chase HouseBunk Only
Cheney HouseRaise, Loft, or Bunk
Chu HallRaise, Loft, or Bunk
Clason HouseBunk Only
Frye HouseBunk Only
Frye St. UnionRaise, Loft, or Bunk
Hacker HouseBunk Only
Hayes HouseBunk Only
Herrick HouseBunk Only
Hopkins HallRaise, Loft, or Bunk
John Bertram HallRaise, Loft, or Bunk
Kalperis HallRaise, Loft, or Bunk
Miliken HouseRaise, Loft, or Bunk
Mitchell HouseRaise, Loft, or Bunk


  • No lofting in Mitchell 32
Moody HallRaise, Loft, or Bunk


  • Permanently lofted beds in Moody House (122D, 123A, 132D, 133A, 142D, 143A)
Moulton HouseRaise, Loft, or Bunk
Nash HouseRaise, Loft, or Bunk
Page HallRaise, Loft, or Bunk
Parker HallBunk Only
Parsons HouseBunk Only
Pierce HouseBunk Only
Rand HallBunk Only
Rzasa HallRaise, Loft, or Bunk
Small HouseRaise, Loft, or Bunk
Smith Hall – MiddleRaise, Loft, or Bunk
Smith Hall – NorthRaise, Loft, or Bunk
Smith Hall – SouthRaise, Loft, or Bunk
Stillman HouseBunk Only
Turner HouseBunk Only
Webb HouseRaise, Loft, or Bunk
Wentworth AdamsRaise, Loft, or Bunk
Whittier HouseBunk Only
Wilson HouseBunk Only
Wood St. HouseBunk Only