Bates Energy Conservation Guidelines

Energy conservation continues to have a significant impact on global warming, ozone depletion, and critical resource reduction.  Bates is dedicated to minimizing the College’s contribution to these problems.  Your support of the temperature and occupancy guidelines will be a major factor in achieving that goal.

In winter, do not leave your windows open if it too hot in your space, submit a service request for Facility Services to resolve your issue.

Leaving windows open wastes energy and goes against our Sustainability goals.  Over breaks, Facility Services staff spend hours going from room to room closing windows.

Winter Building Occupancy

 Time PeriodTemperature Range (F) 
Offices7 am – 5 pm68 – 70 
 5 pm – 7 am52 – 55 
 Weekend52 – 55 
Classrooms7 am – 4 pm68 – 70 
 4 pm – 7 am52 – 55 
 Weekend52 – 55 
DormitoriesContinuous*68 – 70*Exception during Holiday Curtailment

Summer Building Occupancy (for spaces with cooling)

 Time PeriodTemperature Range (F)
Comfort Cooling7 am – 5 pm78 – 76
 5 pm – 7 am85 – 82
 Weekend85 – 82