Holiday Building Temperature Set-Back Information

Holiday Building Temperature Set-Back Information

As part of our ongoing energy management plan, we will be implementing holiday building curtailment during the winter break. During this time most campus facilities are used minimally or not at all. Heating and lighting unoccupied spaces beyond required safety levels is wasteful. We intend to minimize such waste by reducing temperatures throughout campus.

A listing of targeted temperature levels for each building during the break period can be found  on our website, available here. If you choose to come into your office to work over break please dress accordingly as heating systems will not be adjusted on an individual basis. Please refrain from using space heaters as they are extremely inefficient and can greatly increase the risk of fire.

Students who are required to be on campus over break, as well as those with permission from the Dean of Students office, will be housed according to prearranged plans. The Housing Office has finalized several open residences and has been in touch with students who have permission to stay. Unoccupied residential housing temperatures will be set-back accordingly.

Setting back temperatures will require the cooperation and attention of the whole campus community to ensure energy savings are achieved and buildings are protected.

Before you leave for the holidays, please make sure your windows are closed and latched, shades pulled, and your computers are turned off. Please do not power off networked laser printers or lab Computers as ILS will be responsible for powering off these devices.

Facility Services will convert all buildings back to their normal occupied temperatures in preparation for the return date of January 2nd.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact John Rasmussen at 755-5913 or email at Thank you for your support and cooperation.