Master Plan (’03-04)

Campus Facilities Master Plan (2003-04)

In spring 2003, the Board of Trustees approved a comprehensive review of campus facilities, infrastructure, and surroundings. This thorough review of facilities and space usage was intended to give Bates a solid base of information and a set of reasonable cost estimates to guide future development.

The Campus Facilities Master Plan was conceived to guide the physical layout of the campus over the next decades and to help support broader strategic planning decisions. The comprehensive facilities review evaluated College capacities and goals and involved extensive consultations with members of all campus constituencies.

The plan built upon and augmented the vision for Bates that was laid out in the earlier Goals 2005 strategic planning process; it will also help the College systematically identify ways to link its vision and mission to a list of priorities and a tentative timetable for achieving its goals.

The firm of Sasaki Associates Inc. helped Bates conduct a comprehensive site review and presented several design concepts for the development of the campus for the next decade and beyond.

What is a Master Plan?

A master plan “lays out the direction, physical needs, and overall appearances,” of an institution over the next 15 to 20 years. It includes a land use plan; location and type of architecture; renovation plans; a landscape concept; a plan for the movement and placement of people and vehicles; property development; and plan for utilities.

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