Alumni Walk facts

Here are some Alumni Walk facts and features:

  • Groundbreaking: September 2006
  • Completion: Late fall 2007
  • Architect: Sasaki Associates Inc. (administered as single project with Dining Commons)
  • An outdoor place to be in, not just a space to pass through
  • An “egalitarian space” (where the landscape addresses all buildings in a similar way)
  • Visually unique (providing contrast to the Quad)
  • Dotted with scylla in mud season
  • Restored memorial gardens
  • Benches for lingering
  • Spaces available in the future for outdoor art works
  • Amphitheatre between Lane and Pettengill
  • Regrading, leveling and relocation of the fire lane
  • New retaining walls
  • New pathways and greater ADA accessibility
  • New storm water systems throughout the area
  • Path lighting with consideration for ‘dark sky’ and LEED qualification
  • Required underground steam, condensate, telephone and data lines