ADV: Bates Fund Stewardship Supervisor (S9636C)

Summary, Scope, and Responsibilities

The Bates Fund Stewardship Supervisor will be reviewing hand written thank you notes for accuracy and quality. The thank you notes are written by stewardship interns and are sent to the Bates parents and alumni that donate to the Bates Fund. The supervisor will coordinate with stewardship interns.

The Bates Fund is the college’s annual fund that supports all areas of Bates life, including financial aid, academic excellence, library resources and student activates. Students who write these notes will be thanking donors on behalf of all Bates students for providing Bates with the monetary aid that makes Bates the place that it is. Students should understand the impact of the Bates Fund on all college life and be able to express their appreciation for the support of parents and alumni. The stewardship supervisor will be required to work at least 3 hours a week, with the option for more hours.

The Basics

Department: Advancement
Supervisor: Sarah Tiedemann
Office Location: Lane Hall 301A
Pay Grade: C
Hours: 3-5
Workers: 1

Qualifications, Requirements, and Responsibilities


Must be a Bates student with strong writing and editing skills and the ability to work independently. Previous Bates Fund Stewardship experience is preferred. Students must be responsible and time efficient.



The Stewardship supervisor proofreads thank you note cards written by Stewardship interns. The Supervisor can do this from anywhere on campus and makes their own schedule. A weekly check-in is required to drop of proofread note cards and pick up new ones.