ADV: Reunion Transportation Coordinator (S9808X)

Summary, Scope, and Responsibilities

The Reunion Transportation Coordinator is solely responsible for the golf-cart usage coordination and cellphone communications strategy, logistics and training during Reunion Weekend. Specific duties are outlined below.

Reunion is a weekend long event, bringing over 1,300 alumni together between 14 classes. Reunion BatesStars work directly with the alums on campus, giving help wherever and whenever it is needed. BatesStars begin their work with an orientation dinner, during which they learn to use the golf carts and what their responsibilities are not only with the class they are hosting, but with the other alums on campus as well. The Reunion festivities begin on Thursday and last until Sunday, during which time Bates Stars are “on-duty” and ready for whatever may be needed.

Specific responsibilities include, but may not be limited to:

The Reunion Transportation Coordinator (RTC) is one of three to four Reunion Leaders that put a lot of prep work into Reunion during the preceding weeks. In addition to helping to recruit, and train BatesStars, stuffing registration packets, and assisting professional staff before Reunion, the RTC is solely in charge of the 30+ golf carts during Reunion. This means tracking and distributing keys when BatesStars arrive on campus Wednesday, conducting a training session and then administering individual driving tests for each BatesStar, making sure that all carts are labeled and locked up each night in Gray Cage and taken out in the mornings, troubleshooting mechanical problems/making sure all golf carts are functioning properly, and collecting keys and returning them. The logistics and organization of 30+ vehicles can be very challenging, particularly when they are scattered across campus. The RTC must make sure that all BatesStars are using the golf carts appropriately, safely, and most efficiently, with priority being transporting elderly or disabled alumni.

In addition, the RTC will also be in charge of cataloging, distributing, testing and training all BatesStars on cell phone communications. The use of a cell phone app is an important tool fro Reunion staff.

The Basics

Department: Advancement
Supervisor: Danielle Beckwith
Office Location: Lane Hall 301
Pay Grade:
Hours: 20-40
Workers: 1

Qualifications, Requirements, and Responsibilities


REQUIRED: Driver’s license EDUCATION: High School EXPERIENCE: Administrative work


Reports to: Danielle Beckwith, Assistant Director of Alumni and Family Engagement Coordinates with: Advancement Reunion Staff, BatesStar Coordinator and Alumni.


Environment: Lane Hall until Reunion Weekend Travel Requirements: Walk across campus as requested, climb stairs.