Andy on 2014-10-20 08:39:59
It makes sense, but I will be sad to see them go. I met one of my best friends at our shared mailbox in the basement of Chase Hall! -Andy '11

jim mcgrath on 2014-10-18 13:50:28
I recognize someone very clearly. She is Jacquie Gillis. We met very frequently at box #436. It brings back fond memories. Those were the days

jim mcgrath on 2014-10-18 13:44:22
I recognize someone very clearly. She is Jacquie Gillis.. We used to meet there very frequently. It realy brings back fond memories. My # was 436. Mick Mcgrath

Jill Jillson '68 on 2014-10-18 11:35:43
Hi Judy, Remember me--that fresh freshman in Frye House--just down the hall from you and Hildy?

Jill Jillson '68 on 2014-10-18 11:33:36
My box was very near Judy's (she was a junior in Frye House my freshman year there.). #373--OK. I tried mine once at a reunion and it didn't work. When I was at Bates, women ate in Rand so it was sometimes not possible to get to Chase Hall until late in the afternoon. So one person would do mail call for a whole group of friends. One of my friends knew enough combinations so that she could open many boxes and by reaching through put a funny card or note in adjacent boxes and thus we could get her to do that and avoid buying a postage stamp which was all of five cents. I will leave my friend unnamed as I am not sure the statute of limitations has run out fifty years on. (she and I committed many crimes in our years at Bates) So what does happen to those piles of junk mail and bills?

Malinda on 2014-10-18 08:40:45
That's a fantastic idea!

Joan Stolberg on 2014-10-18 01:48:07
As the parent of a Freshman I look forward to these slideshows each month. While we have just moved over to Hong Kong, it is not possible for us to frequent the beauty of New England and the wonderful events at Bates College. Your slideshows help me feel a part of it. Joan Stolberg

Betsy Kennedy on 2014-10-18 00:15:26
I hadn't even gotten to the comments on this article and I was saying to myself "I want my mail box!". I guess I'm not alone with that sentiment. Sounds like an auction is needed!

Christine Terp Madsen '73 on 2014-10-17 21:41:09
Oh, mailbox, my mailbox! I used to know everyone's mailbox number! (I was 573) I worked in the post office every year I was at Bates with Mrs. Wardwell, even visited her house in Lisbon Falls. I loved working there. Everyone was desperate for mail, always coming to the door of the P.O. asking if the mail was "out" and looking relieved when they found out there was still a chance they might get the hoped-for letter.

Rhoda Morrill Silverberg on 2014-10-17 19:13:44
Does Nancy Nichols remember putting a dead octopus in my mailbox?

Penny Morse on 2014-10-17 16:31:39
Definitely would want to bid on an old mailbox! Such memories!

Denise Barton Cahill '86 on 2014-10-17 15:52:38
Please do consider auctioning off the wonderful old mailboxes - I'd happily pony up to get mine while raising funds for a good cause (the Mailbox Scolarship fund?)

Larry Carbonneau on 2014-10-17 15:10:06
I've attended 3 reunions and have the 25th coming up in 2015. I know I have always stopped by and checked my box. a2 T was the code. I noticed the space was more obscure and out of the way with the new commons. It will be a fond memory but very difficult to explain why you ran accross campus to get a card from a family member half a continent away. Mail was pretty important. Times they do change.

Nancy Nichols Dixon '64 on 2014-10-17 15:00:09
Can we buy an old mailbox when Bates discontinues their use?

Lois Phillips Tolis on 2014-10-17 14:35:29
The mailboxes were a great gathering place during my Bates years ('69-73). I got a 4-page letter from my mother every week I was there and LIFE magazines were a welcome diversion. Feeling old. . .

Judy Marden on 2014-10-17 11:40:07
What will become of the old mailboxes? How about an auction, at Reunion? Some sweet memories, there...and you know what? I still remember my old box number, 378, and its combination NH (no worries for the current occupant--it's been changed. I tried it once. Always thought it was NH for No Hope.)

Katya on 2014-10-11 08:33:02
Very inspiring.. It clearly shows how inseparable various art forms in fact are. The children sure seem happy about the chance to express themselves! Wonderful project.

Daria Reid on 2014-10-10 19:54:11
Greatly appreciate these snippets of life at Bates!

William R. Matteson '71 on 2014-10-10 15:34:38
All areas of American culture were rocked by the Vietnam War in my four years at Bates (1967-1971). And the fallout from that war continues to this day in its impact on our foreign policy, military, presidents, and generations of American citizens. The veterans of that war at Bates in those years were treated with respect, but many college students were shameful in their treatment of those who answered the call (either drafted or enlisted to avoid the draft). Maya Lin's memorial (which faced a lot of hurdles before being built) to the 58,000 who died was the first recognition by our nation that these men and women who served deserved our respect and gratitude. They did not select the battle, nor have a voice in the political wrangling that got us involved. They just served at a time when the nation's cities were ablaze, race relations were raw, women were just getting their footing, and the gap between parents and their children was wide. So it is wonderful that Bates students are taking a look at this event because much remains to sort out

Lori Beer (Lawrence) on 2014-10-10 15:27:23
Interesting approaches to teaching as shown in the few clippings send to Alumni. Far more creative than when I was a student (graduated 1958). I like these approaches to teaching and commend the teachers. I still say that distributions to alumni should include what select graduates have done with their Bates background, which should help graduates who are challenging their future and could learn from others. Hope this isn't too confusing. LoriBeer@SeniorManagement.US 301-908-8560

Mary Louise Seldenfleur on 2014-10-04 17:14:18
I am so pleased that this event was made available in this way in order to broaden the experience. I learned a lot about the book and other related issues that has made reading the book so much more meaningful.

Pat on 2014-10-03 14:56:42
Nice story! Plus, 32 Frye Street has been a part of Bates history since it was built, in 1871.

Victoria Stanton on 2014-09-29 12:33:22
Hello, Christine, No torture intended, but Erica's talk was not recorded. Best, Victoria Stanton

Victoria Stanton on 2014-09-25 15:25:48
Hello, David, The Bates Squash Center, built in 2004, is located about four miles off campus near the turnpike in Lewiston. Victoria Stanton Bates Communications Office

David Nelson on 2014-09-24 07:16:54
Where are Bates' squash courts?

Bruce Bourque on 2014-09-21 11:05:47
Fred, I never even looked for comments on this web page. I just happened to go there this morning and was your post. Thanks for it. If you can remember the names of the Colby people I'd love to learn them. Bruce

Andrea Hurd Burns on 2014-09-20 16:22:53
Thanks to Bates for letting parents, grandparents and others experience this wonderful introduction to college life. This beats the "bread and butter" letters of yesteryear.

The Riskind Family (Noah, '16) on 2014-09-20 09:20:41
Amazing and beautiful. Congrats!

Janice Prince Washburn '43 on 2014-09-19 13:38:35
I graduated from Bates 61 years ago. I'm not familiar with the term AESOP. Please help us old-timers out by interpreting these abbreviations. Thanks!

Jann Caywood on 2014-09-19 12:13:00
Lots of goosebump moments! It's taken restraint not to overwhelm our student with a tsunami of questions as she adjusts to college life. Thanks to this well-rounded vignette, many were answered - and then some. Kudos to those talented Bates photographers!

Steven Cooper on 2014-09-19 12:07:09
I am currently working on a power point presentation for a college course and came upon this video. Great video, feels good to be a citizens of NH. This should be used as a vacation NH promo. Nice job.

Victoria Stanton on 2014-09-19 05:42:20
Hello, Ann, You can learn more about the other appointments here: Best, Victoria Stanton

Rebecca Leamon on 2014-09-18 19:46:21
So great to see my son Nathaniel and his grandfather, James Leamon, at Convocation! We are *so excited* that this alignment has finally happened, and we have loved our inside look at the Bates I mostly knew as a "faculty brat," pulling the Bobcat's tail during football games!

Christine Terp Madsen '73 on 2014-09-18 17:35:51
Where can we watch/listen to her talk online? This would be an invaluable service to those of us who live at a distance and who are tortured by these tantalizing news stories.

Ann Scott on 2014-09-18 16:44:55
Who are the colleagues who also received endowed professorships? Ann

Bill Gosling '65 on 2014-09-18 15:39:06
What a delightful and informative orientation to what that process is like so many years after my class first arrived on campus in the fall of 1961. The photographs and excellent descriptions give a sense of the breadth and depth or activities associated with orientation today. I was especially struck by the tours of Lewiston and the AESOP activities, so different than back then. I was also made more aware of the kinds of information that is shared today to promote personal safety and conduct, and am pleased to see that is part of the process. Thank you for a small window into orientation 2014 for the class of 2018..

Nancy on 2014-09-13 13:35:59
It would be great for Taylor and Colin to go back to Menlo and start a high school debate team!

Monthe Kofos '11 on 2014-09-12 20:03:09
Watching this makes me so happy. :) Thanks for that awesome video!

SophMom on 2014-09-11 16:21:58
Love, love, love all the photos -- especially of the new frosh. Keep 'em coming, please!

Leo Bernstein on 2014-09-11 08:30:47
Geoff Swift is a first class hire for Bates. He'll apply financial rigor and professionalism to everything he does. The Bates community is fortunate to have him and his family!

larry Carbonneau 1990 on 2014-09-09 11:31:57
Absolutely too cool. Very tempted to play hooky.

Doug Hubley on 2014-09-04 10:03:05
Mary, here's a book recommendation from Gina Fatone, who directs the Bates Gamelan and related programming: "The unrivaled classic on wayang kulit is 'On Thrones of Gold,' edited by James R. Brandon. The first 80 pages address these questions." Hope this helps, and thanks for writing -- Doug Hubley, Bates Communications

Jay Burns on 2014-09-03 12:02:02
Welcome! At Bates, recipes containing ground beef are made with grass-feed sustainable beef from a Maine farm. Other dishes with meat may or may not come from sustainable/pastured animals.

Mary Favour on 2014-09-02 13:13:08
hello i am currently carrying out a research on the wayang kulit (shadow puppetry). i find it very interesting how the wayang kulit gives alot of responsibility to the dhalang. my question is, what exactly is the spiritual role of the dhalang? how does this differ from his theatrical role? is there a line between the wayang kulit as a form of theatre and it as a medium upon which the javanese people interact with the gods?

Molly Stoddard on 2014-08-29 21:02:07
I have very fond memories of talking to Pablo at his pizza station. His delicious creations were a major staple of my Bates diet.

Peter on 2014-08-24 22:34:34
My daughter is attending Bates this fall for the first time as a 1st year. We applaud the sustainability efforts of the college. We especially appreciate the purchasing of grass-fed beef from a local rancher as described in the article above, but it's a little unclear on the details. She would like to eat only the sustainably harvested meat and will choose vegetarian otherwise, so is there signage or information about each of the types of meat that is offered at each meal or is there a simpler method of knowing what to choose? Thanks for all your sustainability efforts, Bates Dining Service Staff! Sincerely, Peter

Rick Morton on 2014-08-15 14:26:43
A construction junkiy's delight today. Good job., Enjoyed all of it.

Doug Hubley on 2014-08-04 13:32:02
Denis, the new structure is a batting facility that will significantly increase the number of players who can train simultaneously, and will extend the season by protecting batters from the weather. Check my next Campus Construction Update for a report on the project.

Denis Fortier '68 on 2014-07-30 11:05:43
What is the new structure behind the right-field fence on the baseball field?

John Harrer on 2014-07-17 13:30:52
I would love to know if geothermal and active/passive solar systems have been incorporated into the new construction.

Pamela R. on 2014-07-17 11:17:29
I am very sad to hear this news. I took an introductory Japanese history class with Professor Hirai and was struck by her eloquence, elegance, and wonderful sense of humor. She was also a mesmerizing interpreter of song with a beautiful soprano voice. She will be greatly missed.

Mark Kennedy on 2014-07-16 15:08:07
It is with great sadness that I read about the passing of Professor Atsuko Hirai. Hirai-sensei was my senior advisor for History and encouraged me to apply for a Fulbright scholarship to Japan which, with the aid of her recommendation, was an opportunity that enabled me to return to Japan immediately upon graduation from Bates in 1990. It was a milestone during my life-long pursuit of learning about Japan and its intriguing history. Hirai-sensai was defintely a tough grader, but she was completely devoted to the development of her students. Bates was lucky to have had her as a member of their faculty. Regards, Mark Kennedy '90 (BA, History and Japanese) Tokyo

Doug Hubley on 2014-07-16 14:46:49
Me too -- maybe Dining Services can start serving SoCa Cola at the Den!

Pauline L. on 2014-07-16 14:27:59
For a parent of a current student, these construction changes are really positive and reflects a great deal of forward-thinking by the Board of Trustees. I have been touring campuses of other colleges with my younger child,a high school senior, and the aesthetics and design/plan of a school play a big part in whether a student/family will choose one college over another. Families can sense whether a college is truly progressive by whether they put their $$ where their mouth is...

Pat on 2014-07-16 14:17:35
Duck Hubley! I see what you did there. Looking forward to a brand new SoCa next year!

Trish Morse on 2014-07-15 18:05:20
With the clear plans and leadership of our President and her team, what a wonderful look ahead as Bates emerges into a new phase. It includes this new wave of support from a larger caring community. The Board of Trustees under the skilled and inspiring guidance of Mike Bonney has been a major part of this success. My sincerest congratulations to all members of the team. And with the terrific faculty, Bates has never been in a better position for innovative and inspired education for the new generations of students. Congratulations to all.

Kate Pagano '14 on 2014-07-11 15:53:18
Collin hit the nail on the head. Everyone in past and present classes can resonate with his description of the Bates experience. So glad I got to hear this speech as a fellow graduate! It made the day complete. Thank you, Collin!

Monthe Kofos '11 on 2014-07-05 21:41:28
While I am all for new construction at Bates, I must say that I am not very impressed with the exterior of these new dorms. They look very institutional, and lack the defining charm of the other residencies. My main problems: 1. Lack of pillars (heck, even 280 has them) 2. A building that could be interchangeable with any building at BU or Harvard or any other Boston college. Not unique to Bates in its design (excluding materials) 3. Very boring to look at. 280 is much more interesting and dynamic to the eye. Hoping these might be addressed. Especially the lack of pillars!

Charles J. Updegraph on 2014-07-04 15:04:15
Sorry but the dorms look industrial and not in keeping with the style of most buidings on the campus. The last two dormitory villages are much more attractive and should be used as a model for the design of the proposed dorms.

Sandra Folcik Levine '60 on 2014-07-04 09:23:58
I am absolutely delighted that your cook staff came up with the idea of turning left-over hot cereal into bread. Man-oh-man - -how I would love to be eating in this dining room for a whole semester or year. Such a far cry - -a different world - -from the dining services we had a half century ago. I'm proud of you, Bates!

George Conklin on 2014-07-03 16:24:58
Interesting report, however it would be more interesting with a campus map to help us locate the house.

Scott Osler '02 on 2014-07-03 15:45:07
"The renovated bathroom has seen the end of an unloved institutional tradition as the sink now boasts two spigots that stay open as long as needed, replacing a single self-closing, water-saving, hygiene-defeating, temper-shortening faucet. (Imagine how frustrating it would be to try to use two of them.)" As I recall, this was the case for every single dorm/house bathroom on campus when I was a student - along with the complete lack of paper towels or hand dryers. Has this particular bit of Spartan misery finally subsided?

Peter Lavallee on 2014-07-03 15:21:12
Elizabeth you had me sold way before you spread that piece of homemade bread with the butter. Kudos to you for finding more ways to reduce the waste going off the Bates campus. Can I stop by for some of that bread ? Peter Lavallee spouse of Claire Lavallee Retired CSA Office

Cindy Larock (Bates '75) on 2014-07-03 15:13:52
What a fabulous story (both the written version and the video)! Thanks for sharing it. I've always been a fan of Bates food. Now I appreciate it that much more. (And am wondering if/when the Den has that Cheesy Grits bread on the menu...)

Dave Kitendaugh '05 on 2014-07-01 09:45:09
to sterile. looks like a hospital. - Dave

Al Bruno on 2014-06-30 11:16:13
Thank you for the thoughtful update. It appears that Bates hit a home run bringing President Clayton Spencer to Lewiston. She is a dynamic, futures-thinking leader and is exactly what the college needs. I am confident that Bates will continue to thrive well into the future!

David Ehrenthal on 2014-06-26 11:22:03
Well, Winchester's and Harvard's loss would appear to be Bates College's gain! It's great to see the college thriving - thank you Clayton Spencer et. al. for effective and thoughtful leadership.

Jay Parker on 2014-06-26 09:39:15
The 18 stories.....a nice (and entertaining) update. Thank You! Jay

David Campbell on 2014-06-26 00:28:28
I am delighted that Isabel Wilkerson was selected for recognition by Bates. We read her The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America's Great Migration a few years ago and found it exceptionally readable and informative. I spent a year in Georgia in the mid-60s with the Southwest Georgia Project. Wilkerson's book clarified for me how it came to be that so many southern African Americans had relatives in northern industrial cities.

Robin Hodgskin on 2014-06-25 21:50:25
It's a great day to be a Bobcat! Congratulations on a fabulously successful year in so many ways. Fondest regards, Robin

David Campbell on 2014-06-17 19:55:28
Thanks to Judy and all associated with the Sprague Marsh research for hosting us as part of the 2014 reunion activities. It makes us feel more connected with research and study at Bates. I was in Dr. Chute's ecology class in what I believe was the first year of this then-new discipline. Doing winter research in the frozen pond at his house was our first field assignment. All I recall is measuring turbidity and temperature gradients.

Ross Deacon on 2014-06-17 15:48:47
It was my great pleasure to have been coached by Chick as a jayvee and varsity basketball player for four years. Of all the teachers I encountered at Bates, he was far and away the best. A most deserving honor, indeed.

Kelly Trimmer '76 on 2014-06-17 15:22:34
Let's not forget that Chick, in addition to being the head baseball coach, was also an assistant football coach for many years where he had the opportunity to touch the lives of many additional Bates student/athletes, myself among them.

Elizabeth E. Brown on 2014-06-17 14:42:50
Congratulations! I'm always glad to see Bates' commitments to sustainability and community in action. By the way, I am still using the item I purchased in the yard sale's ancient relative, Senior Sale, a small cabinet I purchased in 1967, as a bedside table. Betsey Brown '70

Janet Aspen on 2014-06-13 21:10:10
I love this! All of the parents were perplexed by how to look appropriate while anticipating a lot of rain!

Diane Fisher, Parent '17 on 2014-06-13 09:36:33
This is why I send my daughter to Bates-intellectual rigor, activism and global leadership. Please send us more information on the winners research directions or specific projects and the professor they worked with. Details add so much. Thank you!

Jay Burns on 2014-06-11 13:28:18
That's the old grandstand at Garcelon Field. It burned in May 1939 and was replaced by the structure that stood until it was replaced by an aluminum facility in 2010, along with other improvements, including lights and FieldTurf surface.

Scott King, Class of 1975 on 2014-06-11 12:11:32
I work 3 doors down from Josh at Johns Hopkins, and reported to him for a short while, and am glad to see my alma mater get this great catch. He truly cares about each and every student. Bates is gaining a great leader and student advocate.

Mark Kennedy on 2014-06-10 17:34:10
Congratulations! Mark Kennedy '90 (recent BA Fulbrighter to Kyushu University in Fukuoka, Japan '90-91)

David (Father of a Bates Class of 2016) on 2014-06-10 15:50:56
Fantastic! This is why I send my daughter to Bates. Keep up the great work!

Alfred on 2014-06-10 14:16:53
I agree with the sentiments expressed by Dick, Erik, and Kim. That the architects seek to emulate elements of the dormitory located at 280 College Street is concerning to me as that building lacks character and is often referred to as hospital or hotel like, for its institutional feel. Its broad and undetailed brick faces miss the mark in eliciting the “homey New England Feel” that older buildings such as Chase, Roger Williams, and Hedge Halls’ possess. Instead it feels somewhat austere and foreign. I sincerely hope that the College will not make the same mistake twice and be stuck with yet another brick eyesore.

larry Carbonneau 1990 on 2014-06-10 13:36:46
What is the building that includes the stands in the 1934 picture (3rd)

Palo '12 on 2014-06-10 11:30:23
'A necessity in our increasingly soggy future, rain gardens are also planned that will manage storm runoff in a somewhat natural way...' Soggy future - did we pay for a climate study on this project too? This seems like an up-sell by the architects and builders - a normal tie-in to the sewer will suffice.

Paula Redes Sidore on 2014-06-10 09:06:00
Congratulations to all! My husband (Midd grad) came over on a Fulbright to Berlin in 2002. We're still here. Make the most of your time and stay open to opportunities as they present themselves along the way!

Kris Jonsson '08 on 2014-06-10 06:42:25
I do not mind the architecture, but I think the building footprints are too large resulting in a very 'institutional' impression. Personally, I think the building on Campus and Central could remain the way it is planned. For the other block I truly would prefer to keep the two old houses (and trees!) on 63 and 53 Campus Ave and add the residential block 'behind' them. It would produce a more eclectic vibe and would respect the human scale of the liberal arts campus.

Ship Bright on 2014-06-09 15:33:00
Congrats on joining a growing line of Bobcats at the forefront of cultural diplomacy! Ship Bright, '78 Fulbright professor of Social Entrepreneurism. Czech Republic, 2013

Israel Piedra '12 on 2014-06-08 14:37:10
I think the renderings look OK. But I hope that Bates does not model the interiors after the New Dorm at 280 College. Too sterile looking. Bates should learn its lesson after the attempted switch from the Den to Milt's in New Commons. New, bright, and "modern" doesn't beat cozy and comfortable.

Victoria Wyeth on 2014-06-08 07:54:26
Congratulations! What a wonderful honor!

Dick Kilbourne '67 on 2014-06-07 09:54:10
Sad. I never thought I'd wish for the resurrection of Alonzo J. Harriman. These buildings lack charm - part of what makes Bates the school it is. I am reminded of a 1960's middle school.

John R. Holt, '64 on 2014-06-06 17:33:36
I think you show Peter Gomes at his 40th reunion, not his 50th, as described. Small matter. Peter is for the ages.

Erik Bertelsen'72 on 2014-06-06 13:52:00
Must say these pictures of the now dorms look pretty institutional and without much character. Just my opinion.

Kim Williams on 2014-06-06 13:51:44
I think the notion that by introducing hardscape "students will be encouraged to linger in the green space" is a flawed one. The current streetscape has a verdant suburban quality to it and the proposed buildings present one that is very institutional looking and out of character with the old part of the campus and the streetscape. It also looks as if the terrain is being leveled and flattened. A more organic building form that emerges from its landscape and existing topography, rather than just occupying it, would be much more conducive to "lingering." Even better would be the preservation of the existing houses and the introduction of new construction behind them in a way that retains the tree canopy, natural terrain and quality of the streetscape.

Jesse Minor on 2014-06-03 20:24:29
Rebecca Larkin Minor ('03) and I lived out on Islesford for 4 years after finishing our geology degrees with Dyk. So neat to see this video, and to hear about the hospitality of our old neighbors on Islesford!

Chad on 2014-06-03 15:40:16
Bates should ask the City of Lewiston to turn Campus Avenue into a one-way street. Let traffic flow towards the Junior High School and create staggered parking along Campus Avenue.

Sharon Williams '86 on 2014-06-03 13:46:09
What a heartwarming, sincere speech. This graduate seems like an authentic good person who is true to himself. It was nice to hear the milieu of Bates has not changed over the years -- Affability and intelligence. Collin, if you come back to DC, look me up -- I'd love to have a beer with you!

Jay Burns on 2014-05-29 17:07:20
And your class, Bill, is credited with convincing Reynolds to move Commencement from the prior years' indoor location (the local armory) to the gorgeous and classy current location on the steps of Coram on the Quad.

William R. Matteson on 2014-05-29 15:40:15
Seems like only yesterday that my parents and grandparents gathered on the quad for my graduation in 1971. Sawyer Sylvester (carrying the mace in above photo) was a new young professor in the sociology dept. Thomas Hedley Reynolds was president. Coretta Scott King was our commencement speaker. Great to see the traditions continue at Bates. It is a special place and continues to turn out thoughtful, caring individuals. Thanks for all the wonderful pictures of this special moment. Bill Matteson '71

crazyk on 2014-05-24 10:38:26
this is one of the great examples to describe the colour of the class of 1997.... may the force be with us & the Bates community.... much to do (this kind of cool stuff), we still have....

Earle Morse on 2014-05-23 21:11:50
Love it - hadn't seen it the first time around, so thanks for the replay. By the way, that's not waterskiing - its called wakeboarding!

Stuart Abelson on 2014-05-23 16:13:36
Some things are best left without a sequel... but you have a deal... I'll do a reenactment for my 50th Reunion!

Judy Marden on 2014-05-23 13:40:25
OK, Stu---we want to see you do it again at Reunion! Know you can!

Tom Espo on 2014-05-22 13:24:45
I really wish I took this class as a student! The best part of having short term in the spring was that you could do adventures like this and not have to be a seasoned winter camper. Awesome videos!

Destany Franklin on 2014-05-17 14:21:42
Destany has always been destined for divine purpose. With this achievement it will lead her on greater exploits that will allow her to fulfill her God given gift and talents. To be a blessing to many above and beyond anything she could ever imagine. God be the Glorry! Commit all your plans to God first. I am excited for what lies ahead Dest! Praying for you along the way. KAuntie Lexxie

Jay Burns on 2014-05-17 10:54:47
Name fixed! We crowd-source our proof-reading, apparently... Thanks, Jay Burns

Felicia Johnson on 2014-05-17 09:58:43
Kudos to Destany! I would like to thank her for her diligence and heart felt efforts. As an adolence it was clear she was determined to make a difference and positive impact. I am proud to see her hard work and "out-of-the-box" thinking is reaping rewards. She's an innovative leader. Sincerely

Chris Holden on 2014-05-16 23:25:10
Interesting story, attractive photos! But minor note: under the first photos, Hannah's last name is spelled both Kiesler and Keisler. I see from all the other usages that the first form is correct.

Hopeful on 2014-05-16 22:34:38
This is the most hopeful news out of Bates in a LONG TIME -- especially after the recent case in which a student broke into a home near campus and assaulted the elderly resident, causing serious injury. (The incident was reported in the Sun Journal, although Bates has been suspiciously quiet about it.) President Spencer, I believe the vast majority of students and alumni would support strong actions to raise standards of behavior. I believe that a small minority of students causes most of the problems. Please, please remove that small minority. Let's end the six-strikes-and-you're-out policy. Let's end the use of probation (which is to say, nothing) as the response to anti-social, destructive, and even criminal behavior. Let's end the special kid-glove treatment of athletes who offend. Much like Pope Francis, who has talked the talk, and now has to walk the walk, you now must act on the things you have promised. If you follow through, you'll be the best President Bates has ever had.

Anne Coequyt on 2014-05-16 19:16:39
So psyched that you guys posted this! This Short Term was by far a highlight at Bates! Thanks for sharing... I think I better send it to my parents as proof the class really existed!

Jay Burns on 2014-05-16 16:58:59
Hi Anike (and others who might be curious about the recipes). Here they are recipes: -- Jay

Anike Tourse on 2014-05-16 15:27:23
Why don't you distribute the recipes? I'd like to make the pesto pizza...

Bill Matteson on 2014-05-16 14:41:35
Busily preparing for our graduate and undergraduate graduation ceremonies this weekend at the University of Rhode Island. Watching the videos made me want to spend another four years at Bates. We live just back from the coast a mile and I spend a lot of time fishing, clamming, hiking and exploring so seeing the kayakers camping and studying the coastal geology was a treat. Keep up the good work. Bill Matteson class of 1971

George MacDonald '10 on 2014-05-08 10:11:19
A computer science program is a good idea.

John Kelsey on 2014-05-08 08:55:46
As implied in the article, I met Sue when she was a grad student at Indiana University (I was teaching there). I am ashamed to admit that I had not heard of Bates at the time, but Sue spoke so fondly of her education there (and Drake Bradley and Bob Moyer), and I surmised (correctly) that Bates must be a great place if it can turn out students like Sue. Long story short, I ended up at Bates in very large part because of Sue, and I could not have been happier. Thank you, Sue, and congratulations on a fabulous career and well deserved award. Lewiston and Bates could not be more proud.

John Kelsey on 2014-05-08 08:51:07
Dee, Thank you for the letter of Sue's award. Fantastic. Can you send me her email so I can contact her directly? Thank you. My email is

Judy Marden on 2014-05-06 19:30:24
Love that place, know that cart! So glad to hear that permanent markers are being set, and ongoing research is being conducted, year-to-year, about the changes the marsh experiences! No better place to do it--Sprague River Salt Marsh is protected from the direct influence of ocean impact by a barrier dune forest, so measurements should be more accurate than those in places that bear the brunt of incidental storm fury. This is a seminal research site. Just one more reason why the Bates-Morse Mountain Conservation Area, and its unique characteristics, are so important to significant current climate studies--and to Bates, by association! Judy Marden '66, former Director, Bates-Morse Mountain Conservation Area

Scott King on 2014-05-06 16:37:08
As Bates' first music major (and thus the person who wrote the first music thesis in 1975), I'm pleased to see these students' efforts highlighted. How things have changed since the music department resided in the basement of Pettigrew with the Gannett Room as our major rehearsal space. Congratulations to all of you!

Jay Burns on 2014-05-05 16:42:50
Hi Kathleen. You can learn more about practitioner-taught courses here: Hope this helps. Best, Jay Burns, Bates Communications

Dee Dumais on 2014-05-04 10:56:38
Nice article on my sister, Sue Dumais. Thanks-Dee Dumais

Kris Jonsson '08 on 2014-05-02 19:28:21
Agree with Kathy - great summary, thank you for posting! That said, why doesn't Bates publish such video media online? If it's a matter of rights in making it public, would it be possible to put such media on the alumni network site thus restricting it to Bates people only? Just wondering as this is not the first 'live broadcast talk' I wanted to watch but missed out on due to living overseas.

Kathleen J. Burke Howie on 2014-05-02 15:48:09
Hi - 2 comments and a question!! this was a great summary of the day - i missed the opportunity to listen to live stream talk so i appreciate the peek into all that went on during the day. Phew! i plan to read the book. i had Professor Kelsey his first year at Bates (and again the next year) - he still stands as one of two best professors i had - and the one whose class i most enjoyed attending! ?? What is a practitioner-taught course? thanks! Kathy Burke Howie '81

Janet Haines on 2014-05-02 15:34:47
Thank you so much, Susan. I remember when if I didn't type in the right word I did not get the results I needed. The trick was knowing how something might be cataloged. Only last week I thought, it is amazing that my browser now responds with something appropriate with very little input specificity. Who knew it would be because of a classmate of mine. Thanks again

Victoria Stanton on 2014-05-01 15:22:33
Hello, Carrie, All the honorands will participate in a panel conversation on Saturday, May 24. Ms. Wilkerson is the only one giving a formal address at Sunday's Commencement. You can find a preliminary schedule for the entire weekend at Best, Victoria Bates Communications Office

Bonnie Masserio on 2014-04-30 00:07:37
Bravo!!!!!!!, taylor and jac. I'm proud to be the great aunt of that bright and shining blackburn scholar.

Earle on 2014-04-29 20:10:28
Keep this going please, great job!

Carrie Curtis, '04 on 2014-04-26 21:12:41
The honorands look fantastic this year! Will they all get to say a few words, as the recipients did under President Hansen, or will just Isabel Wilkerson be speaking?

deborah j barnes (@fashionRIP) on 2014-04-26 12:53:05
This is so wonderful to see. J Campbell said artists need to tell the new stories (paradigm change "leaders") and i said yes to his advice and it is so cool seeing others doing in kind. I came from fashion, marketing and web design to degree in Enviro Science and communications- I was appalled at how little most people see reality and accept the manmade construct (ego manifesting) in its place. Humans have the ability to change their beliefs about who they think they are and why , etc..aligning with the super reality of Earth systems will help us see ego in new ways and this will allow us to heal and move towards more love, less fear. This is such a better vision than "all fall down." thanbk you, thank you, d

Israel P on 2014-04-23 18:39:50
The accomplishments of the team this year are historic! It sounds like the team is well-placed for continued success.

Doug Hubley on 2014-04-14 13:00:44
Hi Chris -- I can't say exactly when, but we do hope to have images of the final project to show. -- Thanks for your note -- Doug Hubley

Kris Jonsson '08 on 2014-04-13 13:56:59
Congratulations are in order both for Bates and for Lisa! Having had the great privilege of working for Lisa, I am delighted to learn of her appointment to the Board of Trustees. She truly is a fantastic leader and an excellent Bates ambassador.

Drake Bradley on 2014-04-11 15:50:22
I came to Bates in 1973 and was blessed to work with two fabulous students right away: Sanda Shea and Susan Dumais. Sandra did an outstanding thesis on gerbils and the visual cliff; Susan collaborated with me on a study investigating subjective (illusory) contours. We also worked with Heywood Petry on ambigous subjective contours, especially his discovery of the Subjective Necker Cube. All three students went on to get their PhD's in Psychology and have successful careers. Those were heady days in the Deparment of Psychology at Bates! I remember them with great fondness. A big "hi" to all my former students! I miss you all. Drake Bradley Professor Emeritus of Psychology 1973-2003

Susan McGinty on 2014-04-07 08:28:53
As a Bates grad who settled in Maine, I'm disappointed the college couldn't find an architect or construction manager with a headquarters in Maine.

Molly Stoddard '06 on 2014-04-04 16:47:26
I love seeing the AVC senior thesis show. It was one of my favorite parts of my Bates education! The examples from this year's seniors are intriguing. The painting by Mahala Sacra reminded me of Kehinde Wiley a bit, with that great geometric pattern. I wish I could see the whole exhibit. Congratulations to all the seniors! Enjoy your moment tonight :)

Jay Burns on 2014-04-04 14:45:01
Hi Peggy. The talk is archived here: Best, Jay Burns.

Margaret Brosnahan on 2014-04-03 18:13:16
Was the lecture recorded? I couldn't make my work schedule fit the webcast. I took Prof. Tracy's Darwin, Evolution and Religion freshman seminar in 1983, it remains one of my favorite classes of all time (30 years and three more degrees later).

James L. Witherell on 2014-03-29 11:27:40
The "Muskie / Coffin" sign in one of the above photos is because Frank Coffin was running for the U.S. House in 1956. He would soon resign as chairman of the Maine Democratic Party so he could take office in Washington. He was replaced by Bates Professor John C. Donovan, who would publish a 13-page case study of Coffin's campaign called "Congressional Campaign: Maine Elects a Democrat" (Henry Holt & Company) in 1958 (there's a copy of it in Ladd Library). I also appeared on Maine Public Radio's "Maine Calling" (and on "Bill Green's Maine") with Pat Webber. James L. Witherell, M.S. Ed, author of "Ed Muskie: Made in Maine" (Tilbury House, 2014)

Chris on 2014-03-28 13:27:54
Will there be any renderings of what the final project should look like?

John Curtiss 1963 on 2014-03-28 12:33:44
I (we- Sue Jones Curtiss- ' 63) were very disappointed in the construction, design, and the maintance of the dorm the college put the Class of 1963 up in for our 50th reunion. It was a newer dorm on the corner next to Rand hall. We hope future construction will last for centuries, no decades.

Greg Johnson on 2014-03-28 12:08:44
This is a nice story. With 5,600 attendees at that meeting, I bet there were a few more of us Batesies participating. I was there and gave a tutorial talk on "Understanding The IPCC WG1 Fifth Assessment Report: Ocean Heat Uptake And Sea Level Change". I also co-chaired and presented at an interdisciplinary session on "Illuminating the Deep Ocean: Limits to Understanding, Observation Requirements, and Overcoming the Challenges". Greg Johnson, '85, Bates, physics major.

Alan Coykendall on 2014-03-28 11:58:48
Nice to hear that there is some activity in science at Bates. I note little news of this part of the curriculum. Alan

Judy Marden on 2014-03-28 11:18:20
and he was a Bates Trustee. Board meetings were always a little more exciting when Ed came to town!

Bill K. Jack '08 on 2014-03-28 11:11:44
Looks like some exciting changes are happening at Bates, some of which had been discussed back when I was still a student. I look forward to reading more updates to learn about how things are progressing.

Stephanie Higgins on 2014-03-23 21:45:43
Fabulous video!

Leo Jaskoski on 2014-03-22 15:28:04
Snow in Maine? Who ever heard of such a thing?

William R. Matteson '71 on 2014-03-21 14:34:23
Thank you for the video on the White Mts. Makes me want to jump up and follow Atticus' spirit up and down all of them. Bill Matteson

Mary Carroll-Robertson on 2014-03-17 10:03:24
This is a conversation long over due. Great Job Theri. I can't wait to purchase my copy of this book. It seems like a major conversation peice for me and my friends to have! However, I am not surprised by this body of work, you have been an amazing storyteller since age 3!

Marilyn Walsh on 2014-03-16 20:18:41
Congratulations to you and Bates! What a great opportunity to further study the BEC and to progresss even further. We will watch your webpage for further developments, althought I think you may be very busy in the next few months to write much down until papers are presented. Best wishes from the left side of the map, Marilyn

Marilyn Walsh on 2014-03-16 20:15:07
Congratulations from left side of the map! This is truly great news for you and Bates. We will be watching for future news of yours and staffs endeavors. Get away to Oregon when you can. We will watch the website for developments. Aunt Marilyn....

Ruth Hirsch on 2014-03-15 14:57:43
Lovely. Thanks for sharing this. Looking forward to seeing more from you!

Ted Walworth on 2014-03-14 23:32:15
The Bates College Orchestra performed the New World Symphony under the baton of Professor Matthews about 25 years ago. THAT was its Bates premier. I should know, because I was in the orchestra then and now.

Eben Sypitkowski on 2014-03-14 18:09:30
That's true Margaret--also that often they are one and the same digger.

James on 2014-03-13 22:49:50

Coco on 2014-03-07 14:23:42
"The college worried that if coaching was successful, 'it means that students with economic resources will enjoy undeserved advantages in admissions evaluations.'” Yes, that's true. Of course, the ability to pay for expensive SAT coaching is hardly the only advantage enjoyed by affluent students. Are students who attend expensive prep schools more likely to be admitted to Bates than those who attend public high schools? If so, what's being done about that "undeserved advantage"? For the last 30 years, the College has been patting itself on the back for making standardized tests optional. But what has the College done lately?

Victoria Stanton on 2014-03-06 11:24:51
Agreed, Bruce! We will livestream the lecture at A recording will be available there after the fact, as well. Thanks, Victoria Bates Communications Office

Victoria Stanton on 2014-03-06 11:23:11
Hello, Drake, Sorry for the delayed response. We are planning to livestream Tracy's lecture. You can view it at A recording will be available there after the fact, as well. Thanks and best regards, Victoria Bates Communications Office

Drake Bradley on 2014-03-04 11:22:51
Since I have retired, I have read a large number of books on evolutionary biology, creationism, and intelligent design. It is a topic that I feel passionate about, and I would love to hear what Tom has to say on the subject. So if at all possible, please make the talk available for web streaming.Thanks!

Bruce Cooper '65 on 2014-03-01 08:19:38
It would be good to have the March 12 lecture wind up on YouTube

Barbara B on 2014-02-28 22:04:42
As the parent of a Bates grad (2012) who studied abroad and knew John's siblings I send my sympathy to the Durkin family. Please know that many of us are thinking about you with love and support.

Jim Wilentz P '16 on 2014-02-28 15:03:23
Our hearts go out to the Durkin family. As Bates parents and parents of a student who spent part of high school abroad as well, we feel terribly sad at this heartbreaking news.

Katie Eastman on 2014-02-28 14:50:08
There isn't a day that goes by that I don't use some aspect of the philosophy about living I learned from Tom Tracy's courses. I learned to critique, to analyze and love the questions from the discourse we shared with him over countless thought provoking works. Bates has a gem in him. I encourage every sfudent to take his courses. You won't ever be the same person afterwards.- you'll be better. (Class of 82)

Aubrey C. Gail on 2014-02-28 14:31:08
Dearest Durkin Family, My heart breaks for the loss of your son. Father of Colby Gail. Aubrey C. Gail

Marge McCormick Davis '76 on 2014-02-28 13:55:36
I'm one of the countless Batesies who studied abroad (JYA England 1974-75). As unthinkably tragic as its ending was, I hope John's family takes some comfort in knowing that his time abroad surely gave him moments of great joy, excitement and beauty.

Ira Waldman on 2014-02-28 13:43:35
Would be nice if the lecture could be webcast.

Sharon and Thom Parrino (Matthew '17) on 2014-02-27 11:56:55
So so sad to hear of this tragedy. To the entire Durkin Family, we hope that in this overwhelming time of need that all your memories of John will fill your hearts. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Sharon and Thom Parrino (Matthew '17)

Patrick on 2014-02-26 18:18:04
My family joins me in sending our most heartfelt condolences to Durkin's family. RIP, John.

Marie on 2014-02-25 14:03:07
As a parent of a University of New Hampshire studying abroad in Scotland, my prayers are with the family, friends and Bates Community.

leathersich family on 2014-02-25 10:48:59
It is with great sadness that we learn of your loss. To all the best to all the Durkin family. Our prayers are with you.

Judy H on 2014-02-24 23:35:26
To the family and friends of John, please know that John will never be forgotten,even by those who didn't know him. May your fond memories of him give you comfort in the difficult days ahead.

Dave & Joy Starr - p Kyle '13 on 2014-02-24 19:55:06
Joy & I wish to express our sorrow to the entire Durkin Family at this time of great loss. You all are in our prayers and know that the world is a lesser place without John. Love, The Starr Family

Kristin Martini Baldassari/Harding. on 2014-02-24 19:41:06
I learned of news of John Nolen Durkin last evening, from my dearest friend and college graduate classmate of Rider University, Class of 92' Susan Harriman, last evening. John Durkin's Coach Harriman's, wife. I have carried silent, heart felt prayers and thoughts for John Durkin and his entire family and Coach Harriman and his wife Susan and the Entire Bates Community throughout this day. I have a Daughter and I have a Son in College. My father came to this country from Rome, Italy. Coach Harriman and the entire Bates College Family are in my heart. I will continue to pray for the entire Bate's College Community. For John's Durkin and his Entire Family, in the days and the weeks and the months to come. God is love. Love is Light. Light will prevail. My Sincerest Condolences to John Durkin's Mother, John Durkin's Father, John Durkin's Brothers. John Durkin's Sisters. To John Durkin's Entire Family. I wish you peace. I wish you comfort. I wish you solace through this most difficult time of your live's, during these very moments. My prayers are with you. Through Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Robin Craggs on 2014-02-24 19:23:52
On behalf of the International Programs Office at Occidental College, we join with you all in grief and sadness for John and the Durkin family.

Keller Young on 2014-02-24 18:23:55
My heart goes out to the Durkin family. Very sad news.

The Riskind Family (Noah, '16) on 2014-02-24 17:02:00
From the moment we heard that John was missing, we never stopped praying and hoping for the best. We continue sending our prayers to the Durkin Family and the Bates Community. You will forever be in our hearts....Forever!

Nancy and Michael McManus on 2014-02-24 15:56:39
Our hope is that the Durkin family and Bates community feel the love and prayers that are being lifted up. Our son, Doran ('16) spoke very highly of John when this news broke.

Edward Downs on 2014-02-24 15:02:13
The Downs family offers its thoughts and prayers for John and The Durkin Family. All of the South Boston Churches had a special payer for John. Our hearts are hurting for the Durkin family. Eddie and Maureen Downs p of Teddy Downs 13

Edward Downs P Teddy 13 on 2014-02-24 14:58:15
Our thoughts and Prayers are with the Durkin Family, Our hearts are torn. All of the South Boston Churches had John and the Durkin's in their prayers. God bless you all

Mallory Gazecki on 2014-02-24 14:41:30
The Gazecki Family (Sam '16) sends our deepest heartfelt sympathy to the Durkin Family and the Bates community. Such a tragic and devastating loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Donna Mancini on 2014-02-24 14:18:52
The members of the Haverford College community join me in extending our heartfelt condolences to all members of the Durkin family and to our friends and colleagues at Bates and Trinity. Such a tragic loss.... With deepest sympathy, Donna Mancini, Dean of Global Affairs

Dorothy and Seth Hemming P '15 on 2014-02-24 12:58:05
Such sad news, our heartfelt thoughts are with the Durkin family and the enitire Bates community.

Uta Hershey on 2014-02-24 12:48:36
As parents of a current Bates student as well as of a recent Trinity graduate now working and living in China, we send out our heart felt thoughts to the Durkin Family.

George Rowan '49 on 2014-02-24 12:28:35
Our prospective grandson-in-law had grandparents who were emegrants to Australia during this time in Greece's history. We would like TWO (2) copies of said book. Snail mail address: George Rowan, 310 Coyatee Shores Trace, Loudon, TN 37774. Please advise best proceedure

Juan and Silvia Hernandez (parents of Daniel '17) on 2014-02-24 11:36:02
To the Durkin family: We are very saddened by the news. Our prayers are with you. God bless~

The Philpott Family on 2014-02-24 11:27:50
The Philpott Family (son Adam `15) wishes to send our most heartfelt sympathies to the Durkin Family and the whole Bates Community. Although there are no words to truly express our sadness we can only pray that knowing you are in the thoughts and prayers of so many will provide you with some comfort. Wishing you all much strength to get through this difficult time.

John Rossi, '88 on 2014-02-24 10:22:02
As Sharon Charde mentions above, this is a very sad echo that brings back so many feelings that are never very far below the surface. Geoff was my dear friend and roommate in Rome, but I cannot claim to understand what the Charde family then - or the Durkin family now are going through. My heart and condolences go out to the Durkin family. Please let us know if we can be of support in any way.

Valerie Buchanan Barbour on 2014-02-24 09:19:44
I was deeply saddened to hear about the loss of John Durkin. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends during this difficult time.

Legg Family on 2014-02-24 09:16:55
Please know that our thoughts are with your family for such a sad and tragic loss. I hope you find some comfort in memories of John and the joy he brought into your lives during his time with you. Legg Family, Meredith '11

Lisa Montes de Oca on 2014-02-24 05:58:38
I send my deepest condolences to the Durkin family, all John's friends and the Bates Bobats football team (extended family at Bates). This is devastating news. My son whom played with John Durkin for the first time this season told me that he was an inspiration to so many. May God give everyone who knew and loved John the strength to get thru this terrible tragedy. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone.

Susan Khumalo on 2014-02-24 01:25:33
As a parent of a current Bates student who will soon be going on study abroad, and as a mother I'm saddened by the loss of your son.I started praying and crying from the time I heard he was missing fearing for the worst. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Lisa Buchert on 2014-02-23 22:49:09
We< re not part of the Bates Community but have a 23 year old son and are terribly saddened of your sons loss !

Michelle Philpott on 2014-02-23 22:11:45
The Philpott Family (son Adam `15) wishes to send it's deepest sympathies to the Durkin Family and the entire Bates Community. Since we first heard the news of John missing, you have all been a constant in our minds. There are just no words to truly express our sadness. We will continue to keep you all in our thoughts and close in our hearts, hoping that it provides you all some comfort. We pray that God gives you strength to get through the difficult days ahead. God bless you all!!

Amy Dykstra on 2014-02-23 20:48:05
This is heartbreaking. I am so sorry. Sending thoughts of peace, love, and comfort to the Durkin family and Bates community. Amy Dykstra '89 (Trinity Rome '88)

Gretchen Ziegler '64 on 2014-02-23 18:39:28
We, too, lost a classmate during her Junior Year Abroad (the first year that Bates had the JYA Program). As we get ready for our 50th Reunion this June, we still remember Carol and her lost potential. Our hearts and prayers are with his birth family and his Bates family. We must never forget.

Blair Van Brunt on 2014-02-23 17:33:33
Brad and Blair Van Brunt are sending love and healing prayers to the Durkins. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Todd Zukowski '90 P'18 on 2014-02-23 16:46:18
Our sincerest condolences go out to the Durkin family. John was in our thoughts and prayers from the moment we learned of this story. Our hearts are heavy for your loss. Todd Zukowski 1990

Jean Gudaitis Tarricone on 2014-02-23 14:27:58
Mrs. Charde-- Just wanted to let you know that when I heard this news, I immediately thought of Geoff. I was a Junior Advisor in his freshman dorm (Smith North), and came to know him fairly well. I had already graduated when he passed away, but was devastated to hear the news. He is in the hearts and minds of the Bates community more than you would believe. Also, I extend my deepest condolences to the Durkin family and entire Bates community. Jean Gudaitis Tarricone, '86

Vanessa Pino Lockel '98 on 2014-02-23 14:00:07
No right words to say. The family is in our prayers.

Liz Wiesen, SJC on 2014-02-23 13:48:17
On behalf of Saint Joseph's college Counseling Center, I offer my sincere sympathy to the Durkin family and John's Bates family.

David and Peggy Laude on 2014-02-23 13:29:03
As parents of a recent Bates Grad, our thoughts and prayers are with the Durkin family and the Bates Community during this most difficult time.

Chris Briggs-Hale on 2014-02-23 13:06:14
The Briggs-Hale Family (Catherine and Chris '88) send our most heartfelt condolences to this beautiful family.

brenda snyder '56 on 2014-02-23 12:31:17
Although my only connection to the Durkin family's tragic news is through the Bates family, my heart aches for all. Please know that you are surrounded by love. Brenda Snyder '56

Christian Bardin on 2014-02-23 11:49:56
The Bardin family, God bless John and the Durkin family.

Paolo e Cristiana Bigagli on 2014-02-23 11:04:24
we are very saddened by the news and are pleased to extend to the Durkin family our deepest condolences. Paolo e Cristiana Bigagli

Sue Megroz Rosenzweig '82 on 2014-02-23 10:51:17
My heart aches for John's family and friends. Wishing you peace and comfort in this terrible time.

Anne Levy, parent '14 on 2014-02-23 09:58:28
The men's track and field team had John in their hearts and thoughts during the New England Division III championships at MIT yesterday. All my condolences as a mother go out to John's parents and family.

Tina Engberg on 2014-02-23 09:31:45
We are so very sorry for your family's loss. Our hearts are heavy. Tina ('90) and Kaj ('91) Engberg

Kronemeyer Family on 2014-02-23 08:49:23
We send our most heartfelt sympathy to John's parents, family and friends during this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Alex & Susan Ursprung, both '73 on 2014-02-23 08:17:44
Our hearts go out to the Durkin family and the Bates community that enjoyed and nurtured this young man. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

GLadlyn Green on 2014-02-23 08:16:56
My son '15 attends Bates College and is currently on study abroad as well. I grieve deeply for the family and friends of John Durkin who I know are trying to make sense of this horrific tragedy. On behalf of my son and myself, I extend my sincerest condolences to the entire circle of family and friends and the Bates community as well. We will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

Steve Shea '93 on 2014-02-23 00:26:28
There was a moment of silence before the NESCAC basketball playoff games at Bowdoin today. So sad to hear. Our hearts go out to the Durkin family.

Stuart Lord on 2014-02-22 23:57:26
My John rest is peace and may the family live with the joy he brought to each and everyone of them!

Mo Butler (parent of DeAundre '17) on 2014-02-22 21:39:56
I am extremely saddened by this news. My prayers are with the Durkin family and Bates College. God bless~

The Reyes Family on 2014-02-22 21:23:19
Our thoughts and prayers are with the Durkin family. God bless you.

The Farrington family on 2014-02-22 19:58:13
Sending our love and prayers to the Durkin family. The greater Bates community shares in your grief.

Ramirez Family on 2014-02-22 19:44:46
Our most sincere condolences.may The Lord keep the family strong.God bless and your family is in our prayers

David Rabin on 2014-02-22 18:44:15
As a parent of a Bates student who just left for her six months abroad in Chile today, my heart grieves for the family. Life is so precious and precarious at the same time; one never knows what to expect happiness or grief; the emotions are cut from the same cloth. Hearing that our child arrived safely to her program all I can say is what a true relief! Our family grieves for your loss! David Rabin (Julia's Dad) Portland, OR

Rev. Lissa Bradford on 2014-02-22 18:34:59
Heartbreaking. Sending condolences and prayers to the Durkin family and the entire Bates community.

Jeffrey Kronemeyer on 2014-02-22 18:32:45
I am the parent of a Bates 2014 student and I am extremely saddened after hearing this very unexpected news. I extend my deepest sympathies to his parents, family and friends and all who knew him and loved him. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Christine Cochran on 2014-02-22 18:19:55
Deepest Condolences. Our family will be praying for yours. <3

mike nolan '69 on 2014-02-22 18:16:49
What a terrible loss. You are in my prayers

Roberto M. on 2014-02-22 17:51:05
My daughter a junior at The Catholic University of America is there now studying abroad on the Saint John's Campus in Rome. We live in a terrible word where incidents like this are common. My the Lord give you the strength to go on and heal. I will always remember this fine young man as a leader even though his life was cut short.

Marion E. on 2014-02-22 17:49:54
As a parent, I cannot imagine such tragedy. My heart and thoughts are with the Durkin family, as well as John's friends at Bates. Love and light to you all.

Jeffrey Kronemeyer on 2014-02-22 17:48:06
As a parent of a Bates 2014 student, my heart is quite saddened after being informed of this very tragic news. I extend my deepest sympathies to John's parents, siblings, family, friends and all who knew him and loved him. My thoughts and all my prayers are with you.

Jeffrey Kronemeyer on 2014-02-22 17:37:21
I am a parent and the father of Olivia Kronemeyer - Bates 2014 My heart is ailing after being informed of this incredibly sad news. I extend my most sincere condolences to John's parents, siblings, friends and all who knew him and loved him. My thoughts and all my prayers are with all of you.

Claire Beers on 2014-02-22 17:24:46
I am deeply saddened to hear of this loss. My thoughts are with the Durkin family and the Bates community. Claire Beers Class of 2010

Rose Woods on 2014-02-22 17:22:11
My family and I are deeply sadden by this horrifying news. Our condolences, love and prayers are with John's family.

The Pantazis Family on 2014-02-22 17:03:36
Our deepest condolences to the Durkin family.

Kellie Thibodeau ' 87 and Peter Senghas '86 on 2014-02-22 16:37:35
Our thoughts and prayers are with the Durkin family and all those touched by this loss. Peace.

Bill & Sarah Harrison on 2014-02-22 16:29:07
Our thoughts and prayers are with the Durkin family. We grieve with you. Bill & Sarah, Bates parents

Dana dresser on 2014-02-22 15:39:59
As a parent and as parents of a current Bates student we are so saddened by the loss of your son. We stand with you and beside you during this time of grief. If we can help in any way please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Michael Wilson '73 P '02 '06 '08 on 2014-02-22 14:51:27
Our son Zach '08 was on the Rome Temple program and couldn't imagine receiving such devastating news. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Durkin family.

Kate Wray on 2014-02-22 14:42:32
Our thoughts and prayers are with you! The Wray family

The Patel Family on 2014-02-22 14:40:24
Our hearts are breaking for the Durkin family and all those who knew and loved John. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

Porter Family on 2014-02-22 14:17:20
Our thoughts and prayers are with the Durkin family.

Stephanie Peck on 2014-02-22 14:15:31
Miles away yet still so connected to Bates, I was immediately and deeply concerned about the news of a missing student, as though it were a member of extended family. And now to learn of this tragic outcome makes me so very sad. My thoughts, prayers, and condolences go out to the Durkin family, to John's friends, and to the Bates community for the loss of one of own. - Stephanie Weiss Peck '82, San Diego, California.

Jill T K on 2014-02-22 14:10:06
As parents of a child who attended that same Rome program, our prayers are with the Durkin Family. Bates is a true community and I know every member of it will grieve this terrible loss.

Kathleen Kastrinelis on 2014-02-22 14:06:12
Our thoughts and prayers are with the Durkin family as well as their friends and the Bates Community. Love to all, Kathy and Mike Kastrinelis (class of '81 & '82)

Sharon Charde on 2014-02-22 14:04:51
Our son, Geoffrey Charde, Bates'88 died while on the Trinity Rome program in 1987. it is a horrifying coincidence to get this news; it goes without saying that our hearts go out to the Durkin family on this terrible terrible day. Please let them know that we are there for them in any way we can be. Sharon and John Charde

Fabio Periera '08 on 2014-02-22 13:52:34
May John rest peacefully and grace be with the Durkin family in their hour of need.

Shari Leipzig on 2014-02-22 13:52:18
My family joins me in sending our most heartfelt condolences to John's siblings and parents.

Bill K. Jack '08 on 2014-02-22 13:41:25
This is terribly sad news indeed. My thoughts are with the Durkin family. -Bill K. Jack '08

David Libbey on 2014-02-21 16:56:28
This is a wonderful achievement and opportunity for the Bates' physics program! I hope to be able to read about the results of the BEC experiments. And perhaps to see presentations on this research at the Mt David Summit. Congratulations!

Fisher Qua on 2014-02-21 15:27:02
And there are a few Batesies involved with program delivery and the funding of Koru, too!

Steven Laredo. '87 on 2014-02-21 14:34:26
This is obvious to anyone who teaches high school. It's time to break the College Board's grip on this country's higher ed. system. SL

Anne Shields on 2014-02-20 19:25:38
Fantastic! This is just one more reason I'm proud of Bates! Anne Keenan Shields '80

Sylvia Portnoy on 2014-02-19 11:05:15
Thanks for helping others realize that the present system of standardized testing for entry into higher education often denies gifted and talented dyslexic students a fair chance for university admissions. My son had to gain entry into higher education through the community college. After proving himself with a high GPA, he was allowed into a four year university. With good grades, he was able to graduate and go on to earn his Masters. I am very proud of him. Had he given up in fear of the SAT, the world would be the on the losing end. My son is now teaching fine arts at a community college in Texas. He is a great teacher, who knows what it means to work hard, and knows how to reach his learning-different students. Thanks again for your illuminating study. Sylvia Portnoy

Michael Martinez on 2014-02-18 13:08:50
Wow! Great news for Nathan and for Bates!

Ruth Hirsch on 2014-02-08 12:51:46
Thank you for sharing your research, Rachel. I found it both impressive and very moving. Wishing you continued success, Ruth Jerusalem, Israel Bates '76

Charles Plotkin '49 on 2014-02-07 16:53:48
What a remarkable story! I hope you will discover more about how your grandparents escaped the Warsaw ghetto and also how they survived afterwards among a largely anti-semitic poplulation.

John Harrison on 2014-02-07 12:25:41
Congratulations to friends and colleagues at Bates, Bowdoin and Colby. The merged catalog had been a dream for a long time. Glad you all made it a priority to happen (I know it wasn't easy to find the time and energy). It looks great. Cheers, John

Brian Gerrity on 2014-02-04 16:33:46

Noah Petro on 2014-02-01 08:28:45
Great job Mike!

Chris Terp Madsen '73 on 2014-01-31 19:48:49
How can you have a story about the Puddle Jump without discussing the backstory? Really! We cannot let that story be forgotten! Shall I recap it? It was, after all the denouement of the '60s, also known as the early '70s, and some clever drunken fellow decided to stamp an obscenity into the snow on the Puddle directed at the Administration (F*** YOU). This was not acceptable to said Administration, which directed the Maintenance Crew to plow it away, despite the warmish weather. Warmish weather causeth weakish ice, which causeth Maintenance jeep to plummet through ice. Thus occureth first Puddle Jump, inadvertent though it was.

Kelsy Ross on 2014-01-31 11:27:40
Wild! A neat connection between life, academia and athletics. Thanks, Mike!

Patti Lawson on 2014-01-31 11:12:36
Vassar? Somebody give that man a Bates t-shirt!

George Caron on 2014-01-30 16:17:26
I read the article in the Sun Journal about your visiting scientist Laura Grego and I checked out UCS and wonder if you know that the Union for Concerned Scientist has 16 scientists on staff. Hardly a number that would impress if known. When you say union what comes to mind is at least hundreds of scientist if not thousands. Scientist Grego is a Astrophysics which is the study of the universe. Nowhere in her bio did I see where she attained the knowledge or the credentials of being called space weapons and security expert. About a anti-missile base in Maine or east coast doesn't take into account Iranian submarines with the capability to launch missiles or just any old ocean going tub could be used by Iranians to launch attacks on United States. So the Iranians could park a sub or tub 12 miles off the coast and launch nuke or conventional missiles or even launch nukes to create EMP which would render all electronic equipment useless sending us back to the 18th century. Response to such an attack would not be quick enough to be stopped from bases in Alaska and California. I am just wondering if the students are getting the whole story.

Rebecca Anderson '18? on 2014-01-29 10:18:51
It's stories about students like this that make me even more excited about the possibility of attending Bates. Having such drive and passion allows Kristen to persevere when confronted with the inevitable obstacles, and my sense is that those qualities are representative of the Bates student body. While I may never reach the summit of anything higher than Mt. Katahdin, I hope I'll be able to marshall those same qualities in pursuit of the summit of my future ventures. Congratulations, Kristen!

Margaret Harrington on 2014-01-27 13:03:03
I know it is being played out in papers and the news that wormers and clammers do not get along , but in reality most of them do , and always have , it is just a select few and some of the clam committee member . these guys have been digging side by side for years without any trouble , until you get politicians and committees and people who want to horde the resources for themselves.

Jon Wilska on 2014-01-25 16:11:13
Here's to "Geezer Power"! I too am retired,soon to be 69, and found idleness a drain on my day to day life. Yes, I enjoyed the freedom of not having to be at work at 7:30 every morning but otherwise soon discovered that one can only play so much golf (in my case hardly any), read the paper cover to cover, and wonder what else to do for the rest of the day. Therefore, I undertook starting up a small handyman business and even with minimal advertising, soon found that there were many older women trying to keep up there homes who need small repairs that larger companies didn't want to bother with. My business is limited only by the amount of time I want to devote to it and while it does offer a little extra income (not a necessity in my case), more importantly, it gives me a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction knowing that I still can be productive...and appreciated! Jon Wilska, Bates 1967

Jonathan Hall on 2014-01-18 12:20:44
Nice job with this Jay! Thanks for bringing us a little bit of Spring in the dead of Winter.

William R. Matteson '71 on 2014-01-16 14:56:04
The Clifton Daggett Gray pictures bring back a lot of good memories. Walt Slovenski was the track coach and I went out for the track team in 1967 or 1968 to get some exercise during the winter. Chick Leahey was still the baseball coach when I was at Bates, Bob Hatch was the football coach and Lloyd Lux was the Athletic Director. He also was acting as the golf coach and took us to Cape Cod, reasoning that the cold and wind were more like what we would face in Maine than the soothing heat of Florida. Classes were held six days a week then, gym was mandatory (without credit), the Androscoggin was not pristine as it is today (before clean air and clean water acts), a thesis was required to graduate, classrooms were filled with lively discussions and broad points of view were expressed (before political correctness invaded much of higher ed), debating and arguing late into the night were the rule. The Vietnam War was boiling over, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King were soon to be murdered, American's cities were exploding in violence, and Bates was a place for lively discourse. I feel privileged to have attended Bates during such an activist period. The music, from young Bob Dylan to the Byrds, Beatles, Stones, Who, Joanie Baez, James Taylor, Buffie St. Marie, etc. was energizing, and a bright and motivated faculty made it four years that passed far too quickly. Coretta Scott King, Martin's wife, was our commencement speaker. TREASURE YOUR TIME AT BATES. Bill Matteson

Jeff Snyder on 2014-01-11 02:17:09
Will be rooting hopefully both of you on in Sochi! Best of luck! Jeff Snyder '00

Kristen Carey on 2014-01-09 15:56:04
It is truly awesome to have someone of her caliber here at Bates College. It is a grueling endeavor she is pursuing, that many fail at. It takes not only physical toughness but mental toughness as well. I like to think of myself as a pretty accomplished outdoors women but mine adventures are just a small trek around my living room compared to her great accomplishments. Keep up the fantastic inspirational journey. Be safe!

Ken Spalding on 2014-01-04 01:07:55
Love it. Bates has awesome students.

Melissa Thaxton on 2014-01-03 18:10:07
Way to go! Vermont is proud!

Judy Marden on 2013-12-27 09:37:16
Go Kristen! Raise that BOC banner high! Our thoughts will be with you all the way!

Bill K. Jack '08 on 2013-12-23 09:46:27
This is great news for Bates! Even if they don't make it to the Olympics, I am proud of them for making it as far as they have. Go bobcats! -Bill K. Jack '08

Chris Terp Madsen '73 on 2013-12-20 21:27:12
Finally, an opportunity to make Chase Hall truly "invisibly" accessible, done so well that nobody notices a !!!DISABLED!!! person.

Julio Elorriaga-Gonzàlez (Leandrian) on 2013-12-20 19:23:57
It was great to read that at my Alma Mater we are much more involved now with poetry (et al. related and pertinent) than in the seventies. Those past days we were in the "Love and Flower Revolution," and lyrics were sung in the rock groups. At Bates there were very few poetical reading groups. English Professor John Tagliabue (now R.I.P. in Jesus) was a great mentor to many students. As I wrote him once, I was too sorry I did not sign to one of his courses. However, poetry came later for me. My writings started in Barcelona, Spain, and continue in Chile up to this very moment. "It is never late to be happy". With Amore ac Studio to you, Julio Elorriaga-González '73 (pen name: Leandrian)

Erika Kliem on 2013-12-20 14:39:29
I think it is a good opportunity for the college to be relevant to current life and society. However, as a grad of '62, I am getting confused at which building of that time and the newer ones is exactly where on the campus. How about an overhead map with identity of the buildings by name. It would be appreciated for those of us that are orientation or geographically challenged.

Loring Danforth on 2013-12-19 09:06:22
In addition to being a fine nordic skier, Ellefson was a good student and a fine young man. He is an excellent representative of all that Bates stands for. Loring Danforth

Jocelyn Kelley on 2013-12-13 08:43:29
Slides how is beautiful!!! Makes me want to be at Bates right now.

William R. Matteson '71 on 2013-12-12 15:48:58
Lived in Smith Middle while I was at Bates from 1967 to 1971 and heard members of the V-12 program lived in Smith and trained on campus, including Bobby Kennedy. He was shot while I was in college. It was a tumultuous time. My dad had served in Guadalcanal as a Marine in WWII so it was nice to learn that men who served in the Navy and Marines had trained at Bates. Glad to see these gentlemen still gather at Bates. Wishing a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. Bill Matteson

Annie on 2013-11-23 20:59:43
In my perception, "space" is what any human requires to live freely, as it is the energy for self-realization, in a very busy and constantly thinking and moving world.

Kimberly Thompson on 2013-11-20 09:28:53
These are fantastic points about creating incentives for physicians and hospitals to practice valuable, patient-centered care, But what role do patients have in seeking appropriate care? Is there a way to shift patient culture away from the belief that more care is better care? Especially when more patients are insured and somewhat insulated from the actual costs of the care they receive.

Rusty Epstein on 2013-11-05 17:16:22
Go Crosstones!

Doug on 2013-11-05 12:09:55
I was in a fit of laugher the entire time. What a triumph!

Katie on 2013-11-05 01:11:28
Seriously impressive performance all around - I was blown away by the high quality of the acting, directing, set design, costumes, and really every aspect of the production. The actors kept us engaged and laughing all the way through the show. Very well done!

Marie on 2013-11-04 23:11:00
Bates students are so blessed to work under the direction of Kati Vecsey. What an amazing job to everyone involved! The Bates Theater Department is really starting to show its strength.

Thomas Wesson on 2013-11-04 23:02:15
This production was fantastic. I graduated from Bates in 2009 and had the privilege of being in numerous productions while a student. Seeing a production here again reminds me of how special the Theater Dept. here is. I am currently a professional actor in New York largely because of my experiences at Bates under the tutelage of Kati, Martin Andrucki and the whole Dept. Having seen and been in many shows in New York I can say I wish many of them were half as good as this production was. The acting was superb, the set design was immaculate and the costumes were popping right off the stage. Congratulations to all! Thomas Wesson

Rusty Epstein on 2013-11-04 22:55:19
A really amazing production. Well done Kati and the rest of the cast and crew -- so proud of you all!

Kellen on 2013-11-04 20:05:53
I thoroughly enjoyed this production. The directing was sublime!

Sat hon on 2013-11-02 07:35:37
I am floored by the sublime and transformative performance by the actors and the incredible directing. Ms. Vecsey is utterly brilliant in drawing out the Chekovian character akin to the Three Sister. After seeing the play, I felt both uplifted and mildly sad that such gem, a diamond moment of celebration of the human spirit, of love in its earthy ground and heaveanily bliss only lasted but for a few fleeting nights. In the last scene, within the narrow beam of street lamp, with snow flakes falling like blossoms on the couple, it encapsulates the essence of the discovery of true nature of love.

Shana Wallace on 2013-11-01 10:32:14
I am incredibly sad that I'm missing this, but it looks and sounds incredible. So proud of everyone! Love and miss you, Kati!

Aubrey Nelson '08 on 2013-10-31 10:24:03
I'm glad to see that some of this money is going towards Opportunity -- I hope that segment is substantial. When I think back on my Bates experience, the one reservation I have is that it was not a need-blind institution, and although financial aid was strong, I believe that finances should not figure into the decision of who is granted acceptance. I realize that this is a tough issue, as achievement cannot be completely separated from educational opportunities throughout life that are finance dependent (going to the museum, taking a trip to a different country, etc.), but at least this would be a step. I wish I could have had more diversity in regards to socio-economic class as part of my wonderful Bates experience. I feel that many people I work with today who went to great institutions like Bates have lots of empathy in most matters, but have trouble truly putting themselves in someone's shoes who needs to choose between feeding their kids or paying for heat. I've also found that many of these folks have trouble being "resourceful." I think that having other people around who have grown up with less will not only help other students to more completely recognize their privilege, but also to recognize that growing up 'poor' might also entail a whole lot of richness, not to mention the development of innumerable skills, in which the upper or middle-class citizen is lacking. Thanks! Aubrey Nelson '08.

Matt on 2013-10-29 09:57:29
Congrats to Bates. This is great news! on 2013-10-29 09:48:31
I recently attended a Boston Bates event and met a Bates couple (both '81) with a son who was matriculating at Brown for its Computer Science Dept. The mother ruefully said that her son had not seriously considered Bates for lack of same.

Joan Houston on 2013-10-29 08:09:27
To support these goals, “Bates will offer practitioner-taught courses and multi-year mentoring communities; strengthen job shadowing and apprenticeship opportunities; and create a robust internship program drawing on the interests and talents of alumni and parents,” Spencer said. This excites me the most! By drawing from the vast amount of parents and alumni to offer apprenticeship opportunities to students, students will be able to "try" a job of their interest to see if it's a good fit, ahead of graduation. By tapping into parents and alumni who have had time to fine tune their interests and have created businesses along those interests, students will have a fantastic opportunity to see first-hand what good can come of their own creative thinking, for their own futures. Go Bates!

Eric on 2013-10-28 20:03:07
I think this is a great and generous gift and I approve of the thought put into its use. But I fear that any plan for Bates going forward that does not include a path toward developing a Computer Science department is a fool's errand. According to Clayton Spencer: 'Technology, writ large and small, is a cultural force changing the way we live our lives and experience the world... Bates will be a leader in recognizing ways that technology can bring innovation and collaboration to teaching and research.' The above smacks of tremendous amount of irony. A school that wishes to prepare students for the changing times ahead, but is unable to teach them the basics of how to interact with technology that is CRITICAL to nearly every discipline is simply not delivering on that promise. I love being a Batesie and I love the instituion itself, but it needs to recognize its weaknesses and fix them.

Jack Edmiston on 2013-10-28 19:01:38
Hello, I am a sophomore neuroscience major here at Bates and while I was ecstatic to hear this wonderful news of the Catalyst Fund I would like to know more about it will help me, the current student. I have particular interest in the "Excellence and Opportunity" discussion of this gift. While I understand that very few things in today's society are getting cheaper, I do not understand how or why the Bates education is so expensive. I love Bates, I love everything about it except for the fact that I am on a course to graduate with over 100k in debt. If President Spencer is serious about "attracting and enrolling the very best students" then it is time to make Bates affordable. A Bates education and experience is a truly unique and sensational phenomenon, but its price tag should be much less extravagant. Hopefully the Catalyst Fund can change that.

Helen B on 2013-10-27 08:59:17
What work did Mr.Glazer play of Paul Hindemith ! ? One doesn't hear Mr. Hindemith's music played nearly often enough and I was sorry to have missed this but just delighted to know he was included in the performance ! : - > It always surprises me how difficult it is to find out what specific works are being presented.... It isn't always just who the composer is but also it is which composition(s) being performed...

Phyllis Graber Jensen on 2013-10-11 11:51:20
Thanks, David. We corrected the text.

David Das on 2013-10-10 13:10:07
Thanks for a very nice piece. Should be "last week of August."

Susan on 2013-10-10 11:16:28
What an honor for Bates to have played a role in preparing the V-12 men to serve their country. I'm so pleased and proud that the college continues the tradition of welcoming them back to campus.

mls on 2013-09-25 14:35:39
Beautiful picture of Ms. Harrison and son. It says so much that is unspoken.

Mark Semon on 2013-09-24 12:22:48
What a beautiful slide show: beautiful pictures and insightful commentary. Thanks! on 2013-09-24 02:09:45
I missed my son's first days at Bates. He sounded enjoying every moment at Bates every time I called, but I never imagined the fun he was realy having till I saw the slide show. It is a comfort he feels already at home, as he keeps telling me every time. Thanks to all Bates community and students for the helping hand you gave to Ahmed. I feel he didn't miss the warmth of his hometown Alexandria, Egypt. I long to see more photographes of those exciting Bates moments. Rania Rageh

Jeff Braun on 2013-09-20 10:38:53
Thank you for the terrific slideshow! What a creative and connective way to provide an alumni window into the rich range of emotions and experiences that arise as the Bates campus community welcomes the incoming class, and as first-year students say "Hello" to their new home while also sharing a bittersweet goodbye with parents. These images evoke for me a deep and warming gratitude, as well as a humble-yet-fierce pride, that even as Bates continues to grow, to stretch, and to evolve... our beloved school's spirit of academic excellence, personal discovery, and service above self -- endures! #soproudtobeaBatesie -Jeff Braun '90 on 2013-09-19 22:45:30
I agree that Bates should keep photos like these coming! Thank you for being such a caring place. Carol Ode

Sharon Williams '86 on 2013-09-19 18:45:16
Fantastic slide show! It's nice to see there are some old traditions that continue at Bates as well as some newer rituals welcoming the incoming class. Bates is truly one of a kind. The class of 2017 is just beginning to discover what a special place it is.

Eric Hill on 2013-09-19 14:56:46
Sanford was my freshman adviser. And if there was anyone who believed in my potential, it was him. I remember our playing basketball, one-on-one. Uh, he's your man if you have fouls to give. So long ago, he pushed me through. And I am grateful.

Emy and Armando Reyes on 2013-09-19 13:59:54
Thank you for sharing these precious sights, my husband and I really enjoyed them reminding us the emotional and touching moments we lived when bidding "Adios, we love you..." to our Rosemilia, today a enthusiastic sophomore. Please keep communicating, it soothes anxiety, specially when you are so far away and input on what's happening at school seems to diminish the distance. Blessings!!

Lisa Romeo '88 on 2013-09-19 13:51:43
What a great idea - it's so important for alums to know what's happening on campus and this is a terrific presentation!

Roslyn Johnson on 2013-09-19 13:14:42
As the mother of an only child who is also a freshman this year, I was particularly touched by the photo of Sarah Harrison and her son, Raymond. I've had several of those moments. It's hard to let go, but great to know that my daughter is in great hands. Please keep the communications and photos coming!

Charlotte Taverna on 2013-09-19 12:56:12
I kid you not when I tell you that is the only thing I had to carry in, the upperclassmen helping us move did it all! Oh and the socks are from Bob's stores but JT did buy them, love the pun!

Melanie Abbott '73 on 2013-09-19 12:03:21
Thank you so much for sharing these moments! The older I get, the more nostalgic I am about Bates, and it's great to see the new traditions personified.

Jeff Day on 2013-09-19 12:01:53
Best wishes to the Class of '17! I thank the Alumni Office and my Great '88 classmates for an awesome 25th Reunion. I wish we could go back today. Great photo, Chip Ross -- so glad you are still there creating new memories for others And, an ongoing shout out to James Reese for being a person and face of Bates that I will treasure for a lifetime!

John Harrer on 2013-09-19 11:55:44
Even though my son is a sophomore this year, I enjoyed the slide show. It took me back to last year, when I was unpacking Corky and bidding him adieu. And I confess that I hoped he might appear somewhere in the background of one of these photographs. Being so far away, I appreciate such communications, which help to bridge the distance. Thank you.

Bibek Basnet on 2013-09-03 21:43:05
Wow! That's great. I would like to know what the ED acceptance rate was for this year.(planning to apply in ED)

Lee Lim on 2013-08-29 23:04:37
Very impressive achievement and it makes me proud to be associated with the college on 2013-08-29 16:10:29
Dear Dr. Bourque, I'm a Class of '75 Bates graduate. I wanted to let you know that I grew up on a farm in Winslow, Maine, on the Sebasticook River. And on the river bank, was a Red Paint Indian burial site where we kids used to play. Thankfully, some folks from Colby College caught wind of this and came by in the 1950's to do research and keep us at bay. I thought this information might interest you, and quite possibly, artifacts remains buried on that river bank today. Thank you for sharing your interesting work. Fred Demers

OrildArbili on 2013-08-08 20:41:31
Philips went on to recognize the circumstances that contribute to such statistics. Circumstances such as urban sprawl, lack of heavily used public transit systems, and the fact that one in four Texans drives a pickup truck or large gas guzzling SUV. This isn't hard to imagine in a state that coined the phrase, "Everything is bigger in Texas…" and the study by the U.S. EIA certainly proves that.

Lori Beer (male) Class '58 on 2013-06-17 16:12:16
College is designed to prepare students for meaningful discussions and networking for the present or future.

Phyllis Graber Jensen on 2013-05-31 10:47:46
Jan, thanks so much for your generous comments.

Jan Born on 2013-05-30 09:04:00
Many thanks to Phyllis Graber Jensen for these images documenting slide show style the wonderful commencement day we shared last Sunday. Phyllis is at every event using her smart, blend in with the crowd, creative photography which so well documents life at Bates. Hats off to you Phyllis!

Justin Moriarty on 2013-05-29 10:50:23
Congrats Tommy on a wonderful speech! I know that there was many more kind words that you wanted to share with us, but know that our thanks come from watching you up on that stage. It truly makes what we all do so worth our efforts. If there are more students around the country graduating from college like Tommy, our future is looking pretty fantastic. Thanks for everything you did and for all you gave to Bates. All my best, Justin

Bob Muldoon on 2013-05-28 14:35:28
In 1980, when Mr. Kinney was CEO, I was a Ladd Intern at General Mills in Minneapolis working in the Marketing Research Dept. It was a great opportunity for an undergrad economics major, and it was made possible by Mr. Kinney and his commitment to Bates. There were MBAs from Harvard, Dartmouth, Stanford etc. doing marketing internships--and there was me. General Mills had its standard brands like Wheaties, Cheerios, Betty Crocker but also (at that time) Gorton's, Yoplait, Izod Lacoste, Red Lobster and others. (I seem to recall a frozen pizza brand called Sausalitos (?) and watching an audition of 2 men in fake moustaches trying to get the role of Chef for a TV commercial.) I requested and was granted a meeting in his spacious office, and I recall a coffee table book on Maine sitting in plain view. It was clear that he loved Bates, Maine and helping out young people. Bob Muldoon '81

Clara Avalos '89 on 2013-05-28 11:52:04
Wonderful speach - and so very true. The first time I stepped onto the Bates Campus, for an interview with Dean Hiss and then to spend the weekend as a sub-frosh.... well, I knew that this was where I belonged. And through the four years of my own tenure as a student at Bates I felt much the way Thomas describes it in his speech - surrounded by my peers who became my heroes, inspired by certain professors to reach for my dreams, passionate about the things I believed in, and part of something endlessly and wholly GOOD - the love that was extended to me and that surrounded me during my time at that very special place. I have heard a fair number of senior speeches over the years at other graduation ceremonies - all of them seeking to inspire graduates to move forward. Not one has been a love letter to the institution that nutured those graduates, to the community that raised them during their college years, and to the peers that made up the mosaic of each of their days in the heaven that is college life. This speech was unique - it is special... and I'm glad that I was able to read it. twenty four years after my own graduation, each word of it rings true for me. thank you.

Elena Delgado on 2013-05-28 11:47:15
Thank you Mr. Hirshberg for delivering an on point, timely and forward thinking address. We especially appreciate your courage, passion, wisdom, and good humor. Your story resonates and inspires the whole Bates community. We hope your sensational speech and underlying messages spread quickly into other communities.

Bill K. Jack '08 on 2013-05-27 12:10:34
Across the several Bates Commencements to which I have gone over the years, never do I recall a senior address. However, after listening to Thomas', I am so glad that Bates has begun this new tradition. A wonderful speech in all respects of the word. Good job Bates and congratulations to the Class of 2013! Best, Bill K. Jack '08

Jim Guzelian on 2013-05-26 16:33:27
Great speech and the delivery like a true master in public speaking. Tommy I wish you the best Cheers Safety Jim

Mike Bartley on 2013-05-26 13:06:09
I am very pleased to have been a part of your exploration and development at Bates. You truly have been an exceptional individual and a terrific example of how an institution like Bates can help nudge a student toward bigger and better things, whatever "things" they happen to be. An old Chinese proverb states that teachers open the door, but students still must walk through them. You walked through every door that was opened for you. It will be exciting to see what you ultimately do with your life. Go forward and do great things knowing what we at Bates College will always be rooting for you.

Erika Kliem on 2013-05-25 07:12:52
My former husband Peter O Kliem '60, tested the Androscoggin as a chemistry student at Bates. He can be reached at Erika Kliem

Fred Schultz on 2013-05-19 08:57:20
Matt Auer brings a brilliant mind and a sense of perspective to everything he does. Bates is gaining a leader who truly enjoys people, different perspectives, and a good laugh. What makes Matt unique is that his genius is only matched by his sense of humor. He is a joy to be around. We will miss him in Bloomington. Congratulations to my friend and to Bates.

Trish Morse on 2013-05-16 11:39:07
Dear President Spencer, What a wonderful appointment you, the Bates Faculty and the Search Committee have made for Bates! The background of this new leader will bring new ideas, new approaches and bring together the important group, the Bates Faculty, to attain new heights for the students. This builds on the superb leadership of Jill Reich and Pam Baker in keeping Bates on the cutting edge of appropriate learning environments. There are some moments when I would like to be back on the active and caring Board of Trustees - and then others, that enjoying retirement watching whales and eagles is a good place to be in my life. Your activities continue to open my will to give and excitement to support this wonderful college. Best wishes to your lively team!!! Warm wishes to you all, Trish

Dawn on 2013-05-12 22:12:30
Thank you for allowing a place for the city to voice its concerns. The cause is greatly appreciated, however the timing could have been slated for a weekend evening. Please be mindful of the nature of noise pollution at this hour for future events. Thank you, Dawn Sullivan Lewiston Resident

Ken on 2013-05-12 21:41:31
why do it so late on a Sunday why not have them on Saturday evening kids have school tomorrow and i'm pretty sure they are all awake now. i know both of mine were woken up out of a dead sleep scared out of their minds some sort of better notification would be nice as well in the future thanks

D. Cote on 2013-05-12 21:21:30
I'm all for promoting Asian and Asian-American awareness, but fireworks on Sunday night at 9:15pm?!? Some of us have to work in the morning and have to get up as early as 5am to do so. Thanks for thinking of the timing for those of us in the community who have jobs. What was wrong with Friday or Saturday night?

Loring Danforth on 2013-04-24 14:17:41
Dear Charles, Thank you for your comment. We certainly have not overlooked, nor do we excuse, the many ways in which the Saudi government fails to uphold international standards of women’s rights, human rights more generally, and rights to freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, and freedom of religion. We have discussed these topics at length; we have also discussed how we can responsibly speak and write about our experiences in Saudi Arabia. We have concluded that these negative aspects of Saudi government policies are widely known in the United States, while the positive aspects of Saudi society and culture are not well known. Many Americans, for example, know that the Saudi government does not allow women to drive, but they do not know about the Saudi women who have bravely protested the ban. Many Americans also know that the Saudi government practices strict censorship, but they don’t know the work of the many young Saudi artists who are producing wonderful work in spite of this censorship. In our speaking and writing, therefore, we have focused on aspects of Saudi life that most Americans are unfamiliar with. Loring Danforth

Linh on 2013-04-24 13:15:33
That is truly amazing!!! You really inspire me. Keep it up Travis!

Sandra Aupi on 2013-04-22 18:59:48
Great job, Travis!! Best wishes for the future!

Severin Drix on 2013-04-21 23:34:09
Wow, you have already accomplished so much, Travis! I am so proud of you and glad to have taught you in Calculus, way back when.

Todd Peterson on 2013-04-21 17:34:29
I need to choreograph!!!!

Lailey on 2013-04-20 19:31:05
Travis! I am fascinated by the magic the ensues when we combine our talent with our passion. You have been an inspiration all the way through at Bates! Hats off to you pursuing your creative dream. Congratulations on a job well done! Lailey

Annaliese R. on 2013-04-17 15:48:16
Travis, You are truely amazing!! I can't wait to see what else you are going to accomplish in your life. Keep it up my friend!

Dan Rosenzweig '10 on 2013-04-15 14:37:13
I did what I could to get introduce Bates to the aerial arts while I was at Bates, and I'm glad to see someone succeed where I couldn't. Power to ya!

Charles Plotkin Bates '49 on 2013-04-13 15:32:24
I wonder if, in their enthusiasm for what they have been shown,, some of your students may overlook or excuse Saudi official attitudes toward women, Christians, Jews, gays, and other minorities.

Phylllis Graber Jensen on 2013-04-12 23:14:51
Unfortunately, the talk was not videotaped.

John Lamontagne on 2013-04-11 16:44:06
I would like to congratulate you for keeping costs reasonable, but I find it unfathomable that the tuition, room and fees at Bates are now nearly 3.5 times more expensive than when I graduated 25 years ago. Had Bates fees increased at merely the rate of inflation over that period of time, costs would be less than $35,000. I recognize there have been many investments in the Bates campus over these 25 years, but Bates should strive to hold fee costs down now and in the future. By allowing costs to shoot into the stratosphere -- even with generous financial aide for some -- Bates risks appealing to only the wealthiest in society and losing out on important cultural diversity.

Lori Beer (male) Class '58 on 2013-04-11 16:18:59
Good luck ski team however this announcement came out weeks after the event. Lori Beer '58 and started the Bates Ski Team in 1954-1958 (not sure of exact date for our first meet).

Michael Sargent on 2013-04-11 12:09:27
Bravo, Julia. I look forward to more guerrilla art on campus, including that which we don't understand. If it makes passersby laugh, smile, or (perhaps most importantly) think, that seems like a good thing.

Derek D. Bardell, MLA, MA on 2013-04-08 12:35:10
Dr. Benjamin Elijah Mays was a towering figure in academic, religious and societal circles. His keen intellect, courage, determination and stewardship proved to be invaluable and noteworthy during the civil rights movement and beyond. As a scholar, educator, administrator, philanthropist, public servant, activist and humanitarian, Dr. Mays blazed a monumental trail and left an indelible mark upon many influential individuals, most notably Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and former Dillard University President Dr. Samuel Dubois Cook. Bates College and its constituency can feel proud that it provided a solid foundation for this spirited and principled man to chart his course.

Bob Greenberg '54 on 2013-04-07 12:21:38
I went to Bates with Nate, played football with him, skied together, and even hit a few tennis balls with him. I see him annually at the Marine Corps birthday in Manchester, VT and it is a pure pleasure. I also served in the Marines, so we share stories. He is a first class person who I am proud to have as a friend.

Daphne Comeau on 2013-04-05 15:22:19
I'll admit; sometimes I have a hard time deciphering graffiti when it's painted on trains and buildings-- I just don't understand what the artists are trying to say, or how to read the letters. But this, I understand. Thank you for this story, Doug and Phyllis. And thank you to the students for the living art and color.

Celeste Cunningham on 2013-04-04 18:14:21
I had a late friend and co-worker who attended Bates College. I had not heard of it until then. He spoke glowingly of the college and the community. He remarked that while he was the only African American in most of his classes, he was very comfortable in the setting. Reading this article helped me understand why he enjoyed attending Bates College. My friend was a brilliant person with a quick sense of humor and relaxed among all people. His mother was the first African American High School principal in a Westchester, N.Y. High School. A High School was later renamed for her. He was a proud Bates Alum and reading this article reminded me of our friendship and times together.

Susan on 2013-04-01 12:39:19
We really enjoyed the concert last night. The young performers were wonderful. I especially enjoyed the first piece and the finale.

Jay Burns on 2013-03-26 12:44:56
Yep, we hope to start livestreaming signature Bates lectures in the coming months.

Dr.Dewey L.Barton on 2013-03-26 12:34:20
I remember well, going to Bates with Nate Boone........undoubtedly the best athlete in our class. We played freshman football together and I found out that Nate was a former Marine, as was that increased out bond............ later, near the end of our sophomore year I heard that the Marine Corps was sending some people to campus to recruit for a six week summer platoon leaders class with the offer of a commission in the active reserve for two years on graduation. I had no intention of accepting the commission on graduation but thought it might be fun to attend the summer session at Quantico, Va. I saw Nate on campus and told him and said; let's sign up. When the recruiters came to campus, I took their physical and signed up.......later I saw Nate on campus and told him and asked him: did you sign up? He said; they wouldn't take me!.....I asked "why not?" and he said "because I'm black"...........I felt terrible.....about an inch high! so ,I am so pleased that the military finally got it straight under Pres. Truman and integrated............thanks, Dewey L. Barton

Dr.Dewey L.Barton on 2013-03-26 12:14:53
Greetings from Florida, I just received my Winter 2013 "Bates" magazine and enjoyed and remembered Nate Boone, a fellow classmate and Marine. I would very much like to renew our friendship. Could you please pass my email address along to Nate? Thanks so much, Dewey

Steven Sullivan on 2013-03-26 11:09:34
A truly inspiring story wherein I feel compelled to read the fully story.

Christine Terp Madsen on 2013-03-23 21:40:36
Any plans to simulcast this event? There are those of us who don't care about sporting events but would VERY MUCH appreciate the opportunity to attend some lectures long distance!

Christopher Cathode on 2013-03-22 11:22:56
Fantastic! I am so glad that this is happening in Lewiston. Will be a thrilling Sunday afternoon.

Dona Bergin on 2013-03-16 11:01:31
I'd love to hear Danforth's talk on 3/21 (my daughter, who is studying in Jordan this year, reveres him) but the long drive (6+ hours) is discouraging me. Any chance that it will be videotaped or linked online?

Jay Burns on 2013-03-07 14:13:08
Hi Will. Thanks for the comment and question. The simplest answer is that the vandalism was the result of very poor judgment on a student's part. That is, the impulse was most likely not related your No. 2 scenario or cause (resentment toward the institution). — Jay Burns, Editor, Bates Magazine

Arthur Darken'51 on 2013-03-06 23:45:52
Inspiring. I posted it on the Facebook page for Blackburn College's Common Ground (the college's LGBT and allies student group) as something to consider for the College.

Marjorie Walther Keach on 2013-03-06 16:01:09
"I wish I could go back and be a student again.

Anna Cressey on 2013-03-06 11:45:07
AWESOME! Finally something about the amazing work done at Tree Street Youth and it's connection to Bates. Julia is doing AMAZING things and Bates alumni would love to hear more!

Larry H on 2013-03-06 01:21:36
Very happy for you, Bill - you will be missed!

Jeng on 2013-03-04 06:07:06
Whoa, whoa, whoa Are you arguing the point that those folks that do not fall in the high need caogtery should not have access to it? I believe the free clinic was intended to serve that audience, but it was left to each person to fill out the form truthfully. And we all know what happens when individuals are left to govern themselves Or, are you still trying to argue that it's tough see a mass of people gather for a government hand out?And how is this different than when the Governor calls a State of Emergency for an unruly forest fire which allows the government (state and federal, right?) to step in and provide resources and money to help put it out?At any rate, I think we do agree that if the vaccine was distributed better everyone could get it just like they do with the seasonal vaccine (their doctor, Raley's, Walgreen's, their employer, etc.).

Younq on 2013-03-04 05:16:58
A healthy uennrstandidg of the impact of influenza on the population in general, at risk groups, and the health care system is important if you are going to debate the usefulness of the flu vaccine. It's probably also wise to understand how the components of the vaccine are determined before passing judgement.On average, the flu and its complications send about 20,000 Canadians to hospital every year, and between 2,000 and 8,000 Canadians die. I would say that efforts to prevent an illness with these impacts is a relatively good use of time and resources.The components of the vaccine are determined by predicting what will be the most commonly circulating and severe strains of the flu in any given season. Strains of the flu are named based on when they are initially identified, and because the flu virus constantly changes (mutates), new strains are constantly being identified. So, because the name of the strain has 2009 in it, doesn't make it an obsolete virus. And, because the flu vaccine is constantly being updated new recommendations are made every year for the components of the vaccine, it's actually more like having a state of the art sound system or perhaps more like having the iPhone 4S loaded with iCloud and all the other latest and greatest apps.

Sean Cranmer on 2013-03-01 20:57:03
Hmm, I seem to recall the "Children of Midnight" was coined by one Todd P. Bailey. The idea was born from our annual Katahdin trips with a departure at midnight, we drove through the night, hiked all day, had a a bbq before returning to Bates that same day. Then was the "suffer-fest" (Mark Synott) of a bike trip up the auto road on Mt. Washington that Todd led at night. Ever after, sketchy, ill planned excursions that departed Bates late at night with no plan for sleep coupled with long miles or great exertion were referred to as "Children of Midnight" missions. This lantern launch seems like a rather watered down example of the "Children of Midnight", Todd Bailey is probably rolling over in his stinky polypro.

Mariya Manahova on 2013-03-01 14:16:23
It was such an amazing event, and this video truly does it justice! Although, of course, there were many other events...

Jack Murphy on 2013-03-01 01:29:42
It's so nice to hear that Children of Midnight continues! One night in 2006 we organized a Children of Midnight critical mass bike rider. The email went out around 10pm ("The air is crisp, and the Moon is bright, Meet at Hathorn Hall when clock strikes midnight . . . a bring any human powered vehicle that roles). Around 30 Batesies on bikes, skateboards, scooters, etc. rolled through the street of Lewiston in the early morning hours with no leader. Whoever was in front at the time would make a turn and the adventure would continue. It was a good day to be a Bobcat!

Wilfred Barbeau '51 on 2013-02-28 19:58:51
Very serious. Needs sensitive investigation. Typically, two root causes: 1) Simplest: Student gets drunk, kicks off sprinklers or extinguishers. Punishment needs to be calibrated to some level of campus service. This student's life can be rescued. 2) Deep-seated resentment among growing body of students about some issue. This needs to be researched carefully to find out what the "itch" is about. The destruction could spread to other places. I dealt with both during my time there, 1947-51). Ran into No. 2 as a new freshman rooming with athletes. The negativity being preached was so serious I urged Dean Rowe to consider putting freshmen in separate dorm to disrupt communication of the beef. As a sophomore, I was invited to proctor Parker Hall, which was to become a freshman dorm: "It was your idea, Will. Want to see it through?" While proctoring Parker one of my musical friends got drunk and tipped a fire extinguisher. Freshmen residents pitched in to help me and my now-sobered friend clean up the mess. He stopped drinking as his part of the deal. Parker remained a freshman dorm for about 10 years. I would really like to know what provoked the Pettigrew vandalism and how you 'handled' it because of this background. Does this aberration fester in more than one brain? Thanks if you can share it with me. — Will Barbeau '51

Jean Neely '53 on 2013-02-28 19:37:49
Brooks would be proud !

Lizette Greaves on 2013-02-28 18:56:37
This is a very impressive accomplishment! You make us all proud-thank you for your hard work. Congratulations and best wishes to you both!

LINDA CURRIE on 2013-02-28 18:27:17
I remember you, Isabel, when you lived next door to us on Meadowbrook Rd. in Bangor. So glad that you have made your way back to Maine even if you are spending a good deal of time in Russia. You are doing my Alma Mater proud!

Ben Levy '98 on 2013-02-28 16:02:39
Congratulations to Cat and Ben for a job well done!

Nancy Salmon on 2013-02-28 15:36:32
I wasn't able to attend the Arts Crawl this year but this looks terrific!! n

Jay Burns on 2013-02-28 11:07:36
Hi Joan. Sky lanterns are basically small hot-air balloons. In this case, the source of the heat is a burning square of paper that's suspended by wires at the bottom of the lantern. - HJB

Joan on 2013-02-28 08:47:14
It does look very beautiful, what are the lanterns made out of and how do you get them to fly up into the sky??

Maria Morales Kent on 2013-02-22 15:53:44
What a great piece. Victoria - I am so proud of you. Bates - thanks for providing one of Thacher's graduates such an extraordinary education and experience!

Nicholas O'Brien on 2013-02-22 11:14:46
You can listen to the entire interview here: It's great!

David and Carol Boone on 2013-02-21 17:28:25
Would love to hear the entire interview--fully enjoyed the questions and answers posted above. As alumni, we feel very confident that with Clayton Spencer at the helm Bates will continue to become better and better.

Larry H on 2013-02-19 00:18:12
So proud of Bates and all they have done to support LGBT athletes and allies!

Mohammad Gasim on 2013-02-18 04:48:00
so proud of Leena and i wish that all students studying abroad to follow her leads and set good examples for what we are. All the best. Mohammad Gasim

Sama on 2013-02-17 12:25:23
Wonderful work Leena <3 Cheering for you!!

Media Providence Friends School in Media Pennsylvania on 2013-02-13 13:16:49
We are really DIGGIN' the 'Time-lapse of Nemo' by Will Strathmann. It is so AWESOME. Everybody loves it :) Thanks for sharing it!!!!

Orla O'Callaghan on 2013-02-10 02:19:18
Bill, you were one of the reasons I chose to go to Bates. I came to interview on a Maine School day, where you probably had interviews scheduled every 15 minutes. Despite this, you and I talked for a long time. You ignored the calls from your secretary, and her insistent knocking on the door, as we just talked. A month later, I made an unscheduled visit to campus, when I passed by you on the quad, you remembered me by name. On the first day of freshman year, the newspaper took a picture of me helping my roommate move her stuff in. You came over to our quad the next day to see how we were settling in. You went above and beyond for me, and so many others. You were a real selling point for Bates. Thank you! I wish you luck in the next phase of your life.

Bob Greenberg '54 on 2013-02-08 22:06:39
Impressive. It is nice they spelled Bates correctly.

Bill Cummings '54 on 2013-02-08 17:27:39
Great. What a refreshing contrast to our college of 60 years past. I could use more of this beautiful campus coverage, perhaps geared a bit lower for some of us who function a bit slower.

Bill Cummings '54 on 2013-02-08 17:14:37
I've seen a lot of bobcats in the wild here in CA deserts and mountains, but never one that looked distinguished,scholarly, pensive or blissful. The new mascot will certainly provide some relief for adversaries on the gridiron, courts, diamond and track.

Clinton on 2013-02-08 11:53:15
Class of 2007. Love the new logo. It's perfect. It's clean and precise. I've seen some other Skye Design work and we got this guy before he explodes and is doing much bigger and much better.

Alice Haines MD on 2013-02-07 20:14:21
Only the nasal vaccine is live attenuated. The injected vaccine is "inactivate" (dead).

Mark and Karen Scott on 2013-02-05 15:49:07
Congratulations Bill, We are happy for you. Best wishes in your new venture. Karen and Mark

Steve Strand on 2013-02-05 15:34:48
Wonderful opportunity for a wonderful person! I've had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Makman ("Izzy" to her friends) and I am confident that she will take every advantage of this a life-changing type of experience. Great job CIEE and Congrats Izzy!! p.s. kudos to whomever took that picture...beautiful photo!

Saud Ibn Abdul Aziz on 2013-02-04 21:14:18
People, come on, listen to your selves! You people are judging on how equally women are treated based on what? on the fact that they wear an abaya? that they CHOSE to wear a niqaab? your ignorance makes me wonder, how do you sleep with yourself at night? Sincerely, A non-Saudi Happily living in Saudi Arabia for the past 20 years with a family (consisting of females as well, who wear an abaya and are very happy about it) p.s. - If that too doesn't satisfy you, my sister passed this link to me saying, and I quote, "look at what non-sense they write about women covering in the middle east. Like if we walk around naked, it would be considered as freedom".

Cyrus Hamlin on 2013-02-03 14:46:07
As Governor, Muskie established the "Governor's Advisory Committee" (GACE) to help him with eductional matters. GACE was a blue ribbon committee, usually with at least one Maine college president a memeber, and an enthusiastic group of knowledgeable people. GACE was instrumental in pushing several important educational initiatives including Sen. Porteus' SAD Bill to have at last 300 students in any high school, help Bates, Bowdoin, Colby and U of Maine initiate public radio and TV, and fulfill the new legislation which guarantees every Maine child, even if severely mentally or physically handicapped, be taught as far as they can go in the public school system. U.S. Senator Muskie was also the only prominent Washington figure whom the columnist Jack Anderson never received a single poison pen letter about. Had Jimmy Carter been reelected, Muskie would have certainly remained as Secretary of State and the world today would have been a different place.

John on 2013-02-03 02:41:29
Traci, you said u've lived in Saudi Arabia and I'm sure you know that Saudi girls are one of the top most spoiled girls around the world. More than men. so what kind of equality they have a long, long way to achieve?

Ali Ameer on 2013-02-02 12:23:17
Actually I'm from saudi Arabia and I dis agree with you about the last part of your comment that says " Saudi women have a long, long way to go to achieve any kind of equality " I know women's in Saudi Arabia more successful than men there. Yes it's hard most of the time but it's not that "long, long way to go to achieve any kind of equality,". About the cover up "Hijab" it's for religion purpose and we proud of it as islamic country. As a men from Saudi Arabia, I found some difficulties too but women's in Saudi Arabia getting batter.

Nancy Mills Mallett '56 on 2013-02-01 16:43:12
Bill, May you enjoy and thrive in retirement. You made so many contributions to Bates in varied assignments and should be proud of a great legacy. I was on the committee with you as you researched and established the removal of the SAT admission requirement. That alone was a milestone to be copied by many other schools. Best regards, Nancy Mills Mallett '56

Bill Jack '08 on 2013-01-31 22:46:29
I saw this video several weeks ago and immediately liked it. It's very well done and I believe was even sent to prospective students. A really good way to promote the college. Nicely done. Cool use of a mutlicopter!

Bill Jack '08 on 2013-01-31 22:32:29
I'll echo what others have said: when you hear about a new logo, you worry that the new one won't be good. However, I really like this new one. In fact, I like it so much better than the one that we used to have. Whether or not you think that it is distinguished, I do think that it looks much classier than the previous one. Good job to all who were involved in choosing this. Go Bobcats!

Ken Doroski on 2013-01-31 10:40:33
My daughter graduated in 2010 and was a Rower. The video was great and gave me a sense of how wonderful it must have been to Row on the Androscoggin. She descibed it often but the video captured it beautifully

grandma Joanni on 2013-01-30 20:41:03
Our grandson is a freshman and we can't wait to visit and see it all in person. It is lovely!

John Spence '81 on 2013-01-30 16:15:48
Bill, Congratulations on your retirement, and thanks for your many years of service to the Bates community! You left an indelible mark on many people at Bates--myself included--for your commitment, your passion, and your thoughtfulness. Thank you! All the best, John Spence

Susan Stucke Funk, '78 on 2013-01-30 14:04:26
Beautiful new logo. The samples shown on the survey were totally underwhelming, and i was worried about the potential outcome. But this one is excellent and successfully avoids the common error of collegiate logos designed only for the sports teams and appealing primarily to current students. This one works for alumni and parents too. I'll be proud to wear Bateswear with this new look. Nice work!!

Minoo Saghri on 2013-01-30 10:37:41
Dear Dean Hiss (that's what you will always be in my mind), When I think back to my days at Bates, it is always the people who stand out. James Reese, Wylie, Mitchell, Leigh Campbell and so many others. But what stands above all was the one summer I spent traveling across New England with you (as an unofficial admissions intern), visiting schools, observing you and handing out Bates material.It took most of the summer, but when I was finally ready, I began talking about my experiences at Bates. We are often asked to name one person who affected us deeply in our educational years. That is difficult for me, it is a close tie between you and Dean Reese. You both saw a reserved person and without prodding, gently guided me. I have a feeling that many others might say the same. I am forever grateful to you, as is the entire Bates community, for all the lives you single-handedly changed and all your years of dedicated work. May your next chapter be as good as the last. Wishing you all the best, Minoo (Malek Saghri)

Sharon kenrick on 2013-01-29 19:39:30
Wonderful, especially the outreach to youngsters. Keep reaching out to the community as it is so good for Bates reputation and future. Sharon

Sharon kenrick on 2013-01-29 19:11:36
This past fall there was a picture display in the Hogan Center at Colby Sawyer college inNew London, NH where I go for water aerobics. I was VERY proud that Bates was included and part of the next breakthrough. Keep up the hard work. Sharon

George Conklin on 2013-01-29 17:14:06
Amazing devices those multicopters. I wish the historic chapel had been in the sequence.

Jay Burns on 2013-01-29 17:05:29
One of the key points that I heard from researchers Palin and Greer as I did the story was that of the students who got the flu several days after the two clinics, some had attended the clinic and some did not attend the clinic. So there's no link between the clinic itself and the spike -- the reason has to do with how student traffic flow changed on those two days, bringing students into contact with different students on those days. Also, to repeat what Tpowell said, and Karen Palin just repeated to me, vaccines really don't cause the flu. Really! If students felt ill at Bates in the third and fourth weeks of October 2009, there could be many other legitimate reasons! Best, Jay Burns, editor, Bates Magazine

Libby Wiers on 2013-01-29 15:03:07
Great video - loved the bird's eye view! Graduated in '71 - much is changed, but much the same.

Tpowell on 2013-01-29 14:24:24
Dear Anon, No!!! Flu vaccines cannot and do not give anyone the flu. That is a common myth for which there is no evidence. There is no scientific debate on this issue whatever. Vaccines are imperfect, however, in that they don't provide 100% protection. You are much better off if you get a flu vaccine. Perhaps more importantly, you will not be able to spread the flu to those more vulnerable than you. Influenza is a serious cause of mortality among those with compromised immune systems, including the frail elderly, young children, and cancer patients.

Sharon Williams on 2013-01-29 14:02:46
Bill -- Congratulations on your retirement, and a hearty thank you for all you have done for Bates. I still remember my interview with you in the Fall on 1981. It was by far the most personable and personal college interview I had. You have a way of drawing people out of their shells and making them feel comfortable expressing themselves, which is an extraordinary talent. Thank you for all you've done for Bates. Sharon Williams, '86

Sharon Williams on 2013-01-29 13:51:01
I like it! It looks updated and fresh.

Dana Denault on 2013-01-29 12:30:45
Hi Bill, My congratulations on your retirement from Bates where you have served with distinction for so many years. Welcome to retirement and the many volunteer opportunities that await you! I will often remember seeing you over the years at admissions meetings as well as occasionally on campus. My son, Dana, is now living in Marblehead with his family and enjoying his old hometown after many years in California. Hope to connect with you in the future. Best regards, to you and your lovely family. Dana

Nancy LePage on 2013-01-29 11:01:21
This is a great video snippet but how do you get to it from the Bates home page. It should be easily accessed for anyone who is interested in Bates to view. Please, please put it front and center.

anon on 2013-01-29 10:57:06
I definitely recall a feeling around campus that the vaccine led to people feeling worse because of the live virus inside. There also was skepticism about whether the nasal vaccine or the other option (needle? not sure) was more effective or left you more prone to illness. Of course this is all from memory and I would be interested to hear if Meredith Greer and co. did consider these things.

Traci on 2013-01-29 09:46:09
I spent seven years of my childhood in Dhahran while my father was on assignment there, and I remember well the warm hospitality these students encountered. But I also remember having to cover up when we went off our compound. Saudi women have a long, long way to go to achieve any kind of equality. --Traci LaRosa Suppa, '90

Krista on 2013-01-29 09:33:11
love the new Bobcat look! Great job, Skye Dillon and Bates!

Jim Hopkins on 2013-01-29 07:27:48
My daughter is a sophmore at Bates. She loves it there. That was a very cool video. Keep up the great work.

Anne Dillon on 2013-01-29 06:35:14
Very nice job - regal and elegant - and the font is great too. Somehow I don't think I'll forget the designer's name. Go Bobcats! The pictures reminded me of cheering on Fred Criniti ('82) and his teammates.

John Tagliabue on 2013-01-29 05:34:05
Bill Congratulations on your retirement.. As they say, when one door closes, another opens!! Enjoy retirement.. Best John

Steve Pitcher on 2013-01-28 21:19:46
Fond memories of the basement of the gym. Sorry to see it go... but I'll assume that bigger and better things (and memories) will come from your new digs! Steve '72

Jim Sammarco on 2013-01-28 20:16:33
Oh that is sad... Not the E-Room too... Hopefully you will paint "Escape to Reality" over the door. Best of luck in your new digs! Jim Sammarco BOC Pres '89

Paul Savello '66 on 2013-01-28 19:15:30
Congrats, Bill! Stay as busy in retirement as you did during your many great years of service to Bates! Wishing you happy years ahead, Paul Savello

Jay R P'2016 on 2013-01-28 18:46:57
Love the new logo. Great job by all involved. Looking forward to seeing it on athletic uniforms.

kathy on 2013-01-28 17:59:18
hi, Is this an internet publication only? Thanks.

anon on 2013-01-28 17:50:32
Could the vaccines have been faulty? Giving people the disease instead of protecting them from it?

Chris Fahy, class of 75 on 2013-01-28 17:41:27
I like it. It's a much better reimaging than we did here at Boston University. Our relatively new mascot is Rhett, a mean, rabid Boston terrier who looks perpetually angry.

Chris Terp Madsen '73 on 2013-01-28 17:25:10
Relieved about new mascot. I was afraid it was going to be either too cutesie or too severe. I think it strikes a good balance. It keeps the right amount of Bobcat fierceness with the right amount of Bobcat catch-me-if-you-can-ness. And the best part is that it's not an elephant or a mule!

Sarah Stone '90 on 2013-01-28 17:02:31
Dear Mr. Hiss - I still remember my interview with you back in the late 80s - it was my first college interview, a practice one in my sophomore year (and then had my "real" one with Wylie Mitchell). Mainly I remember how much fun you made it, despite me being a very shy, nervous kid. My oldest son is now a high school sophomore and I hope that his first college visit is as pleasant as you made mine! Thanks for all your years of service to Bates! And enjoy your retirement! Sarah Stone

Tom on 2013-01-28 15:48:19
Kind of disappointed with the logo. "Distinguished" to me reads more as unoriginal and generic. I would of preferred something of the whimsical nature, like many long-standing proud institutions, that convey the atmosphere that all collegiate athletics should: fun, enjoyable, and a good-time.

Jay Burns on 2013-01-28 15:33:54
Tufts won, 74-67.

Jay Burns on 2013-01-28 15:30:48
Hi Helen. Sorry for tardy reply. The equipment room was/is in the Hathorn basement, while the BOC meeting room was in Alumni Gym basement. The E-room is also moving over to Chase Hall this year. Thanks for asking! Jay Burns, editor, Bates Magazine.

Robert Peretti '86 on 2013-01-28 15:28:44
The new mascot image looks good. Who won the basketball game?

Geri FitzGerald '75 on 2013-01-28 15:25:09
Bobcat fever! Love the pic of Clayton, Meg and the Alumni Council. Kudos to all who collaborated on the new Bobcat logo project and designer Skye.

Carol Stone Beyna '65 on 2013-01-28 15:23:14
Dear Bill, Bates should be eternally grateful for all that you have done for the college. I remember you from our student days, and I think it's marvelous that you've been with Bates ever since. Congratulations on your retirement from your many Bates jobs, all done exceedingly well. Enjoy your retiement days!! All the best, Carol

Victoria Stanton on 2013-01-28 11:55:50
Thanks for the feedback, Alex! We will have more photos posted to this page shortly.

Doug Hubley on 2013-01-28 11:00:03
Thanks for your comment. The article was a preview of the event that was based on information supplied to this office by Sangai Asia. A Bates Communications writer did attend Asia Night and an article about the Arts Crawl, Asia Night and a Bates Museum of Art opening will appear today.

Sangai Asia on 2013-01-27 13:32:40
Although this article does accurately represent the Sangai Asia mission, it has many parts that are ill-informed. Firstly, Bates Gamelan Orchestra did not perform at this event. Secondly, there wasn't a Chinese dance performance, in fact there wasn't any specific performances representing China. We thank you for helping promote Sangai Asia, but we do wish that you had the chance to actually attend.

Alex Wood. '66 on 2013-01-27 13:19:52
I'm impressed by the prompt post from yesterday's game and new mascot image. Can we not have a few more photos of same, as some were taken with Clayton and alumni council members decked out in the new T-shirts. Thanks.

The Rev Suzanne Colburn on 2013-01-24 08:10:44
Congratulations, Bill! I look forward to seeing you in Maine. Suzanne

Jared Cash on 2013-01-23 10:12:48
Bill - Thank you! You gave us a trusted voice that fostered openness, reflection, resolve, and in several moments healing.

Coco Sherrod on 2013-01-21 19:33:04
I am so proud of the hard work, effort and time you have put in on your production. You are such a dedicated young man. You make my heart smile! Good luck and break a leg to you and everyone who have made your show an sucess!

Martin Margulis on 2013-01-21 17:38:46
Please reserve 2 free senior tickets for this concert. Martin Margulis

Dervilla McCann on 2013-01-17 17:09:57
IN 1975, Marcy Plavin loaded about 5 of us early Bates Dancers into a VW minivan to tour, teach and perform in the LA schools system. It was a blast. It is wonderful to see that this type of outreach continues to build audiences and inform young students today. I've had the opportunity meet Victoria and watch her dance. She is a fabulous ambassador for Bates, and this video is a lovely tribute to her, and to the dance program. Thank you.

C.Lowe on 2013-01-16 18:16:54
This was Fantastic! Makes you wanna go to bates;)

Ellie O'Leary on 2013-01-14 10:32:27
Really, all that time in Alumni Gym? I remember the Outing Club in the basement of Hathorn Hall. Helen O'Leary '70

A on 2013-01-11 10:00:05
I'd argue that the knight on the roof of the various buildings around campus is perhaps the most outstanding testament to the concept that "no man is an island entire of itself." The very fact that that statue made its way onto a location as unattainable by any mere mortal as the roof of Commons must mean that it took a village to raise the child that is the belief that the errant knight was even possible. The movement of such an inanimate object as the knight is clear evidence that solidarity and ingenuity flow through the Bates community like the river Saraswati did through India... before it dried up.

LINDA MACGREGOR on 2013-01-05 13:07:21
Regret we missed Frank Glazer's recitals. Please let us know schedule of music performances for January and throughout the spring semester.

Judy Herndon on 2013-01-03 21:19:12
Really enjoyed this - my family knew the Spencers when they were in Staunton, Virginia, and it was such a treat to see them in this video. Congratulations to Clayton!

Sharon Williams on 2012-12-27 14:53:12
It is good to see that the psychology department at Bates continues to be vibrant and active in both the academic and local community. As an alum psychology major ('86), I was well prepared when I entered graduate school. I am currently a clinical social worker at a psychiatric hospital and all these years later find myself referring to what I learned at Bates. Well done!

Kenneth G Crosby on 2012-12-15 12:52:44
As a 1949 psychology major, I am very proud of the Psychology Department at Bates. The Department was much smaller in 1945-49, only three faculty members then, and it did not have all the resources, including an adequate laboratory, that were needed, but it still gave me the grounding to acquire my doctorate and become a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, and I am grateful to it for that.

Ruth Hirsch on 2012-12-15 12:26:06
Congratulations! A former Honors Psych major at Bates ('76) I'm also delighted and intrigued to read of your seminar on “Corporal Culture: Body and Health in America.” Wonder whether you also have a seminar on the same topic that looks at corporal culture internationally.

Maryellen Pambookian on 2012-12-15 07:18:46
College was going along 'ok' but really came alive once I started a practicum at AWAP in Lewiston and tutoring/mentoring in the Lewiston Public Schools. I went on to get an MS in Clinical Psych., a Ph.D in School Psychology and I am also a certified administrator of Special Education. I am now working at the Walker School in Needham with very involved students and families and I will always be grateful to Bates for getting me involved with community service. Maryellen Pambookian (83).

Ira Waldman on 2012-12-15 00:08:39
I am visiting the class on Friday with every intention of singing the Bates fight song for them.

Laura Hillier '90 on 2012-12-14 19:39:51
Congratulations to the Psychology Department! I'm proud to have been a Psych major.

Cathy Bennett '79 on 2012-12-14 18:19:35
That is so very cute! Besides sending a cheer back, perhaps Bates could send all the kids in the class (and their teacher) some Bates "swag" - a pencil at least.

Virginia (Ginny Addison) Siegler on 2012-12-14 15:59:45
As an alum (class of '84) I would love to visit this school. I live here in LA and would be delighted to deliver a token gift to them on behalf of Bates. Is there something you can send me for the class?

Jay Burns on 2012-12-14 12:57:13
Consider it, if not done, in the great-idea mix for winter!

Kathleen Foster on 2012-12-14 10:52:08
This is great! Are the Bates students sending a cheer back?

Sharon on 2012-12-14 10:41:56
Wow! So artfully done! This video really captures the NCAA experience in such a powerful and compelling way. From the coach celebrating the “team” over the individual and creating a culture of profound loyalty, dedication, and sportsmanship to those spent and battered bodies crossing the finish line…I am truly humbled and inspired. Well done gentleman! You should feel really proud of yourselves.

Giovanna Bartucci on 2012-12-14 10:18:31
a rhetoric major (1985), and nowadays a clinical psychoanalyst, i also could not be prouder to be an alum of Bates. well done. future generations deserve it.

Christy Porter, '90 on 2012-12-14 10:17:18

J Michals on 2012-12-13 12:52:32
Alex, it looks like you are doing a great job. I am impressed. Keep working as hard as you are and I know this is going to be great. You will be in my prayers. Merry Christmas

John Gill on 2012-12-13 10:50:23
Alex, What a great challenge and opportunity! This short clip provides a snapshot of such important work. Thanks for your huge amount of effort and positive attitude. All the best!

Jeff Snyder on 2012-12-12 00:23:29
Such an awesome video- so proud to be a Bobcat!

Vantiel Elizabeth on 2012-12-11 09:42:42
Bates would only be so lucky to receive applications for these little bobcats.

Bob Littlefield '75 on 2012-12-10 15:33:34
This video gave me goosebumps. It captures the essence of teamwork that is at the heart of cross country. You guys are warriors, and articulate ones at that! The image of you crossing the finish line with the gas tank empty is very inspiring. Congratulations Coach and all you 'Cats! As an old track and field captain and a long-time coach, I am very proud to be a Bates alum.

fatuma on 2012-12-02 20:30:40
nice good songs you rock .

Bill Cummings '54 on 2012-11-05 14:47:40
This is what I've waited for more than 50 years. Congrats to the team, Bates, Kevin and the entire staff. Alums, please support the athletic fund in addition to the general. You've made my day, year, and decade re Bates News. Bill Cummings, '54

Gregory S. Kurey on 2012-11-05 14:09:07
My son, David Kurey (#87) is the punter. Is there a place that I can go to get pictures of him punting at this game -- or others? Kindly let me know what you think. Thanks!

Jennifer Farrell O'Reilly on 2012-11-04 01:05:15
i couldn't be prouder to be an alum of Bates. and a former student majoring in psychology. its what we all knew about the faculty and the program all along. well deserved and keep it up.

Joe Green on 2012-11-02 20:45:32
President Spencer: I read your inaugural address. I believe Bates is fortunate to have you. Class of 1954

Armando Reyes-Pacheco on 2012-11-02 17:56:30
Felicictaciones y en hora buena, Congratulations for such an inspirational speech to be embraced by everyone.

Dervilla McCann on 2012-11-02 17:06:43
I watched as Phyllis Graber Jensen worked her way through the day of inauguration with her cameras and with her marvelous photographer's perception that captured so much of the emotional content of a historic and happy day. She is so quiet in her work, and her presence is so soft, that the honest and unvarnished behavior of the participants was captured in a beautiful and natural manner. This video was put together with love and wisdom about our college and its community. Thank you Phyllis.

Michael D. Maginn on 2012-11-02 16:35:29
Wonderful speech and context setting. Bates' greatest asset is its root values. Good luck, President Clayton

Pam Johnson on 2012-11-02 14:21:53
I walked over from Merrill to Lane Hall one morning with two women who had just wiped down ALL of the hundreds of chairs in preparation for the inauguration that day. I am so grateful to the many unseen people who make Bates run every day. These women were as excited as I was about the inauguration; they also work at guest house and had enjoyed meeting all of the guests.

Faith Minard '75 on 2012-10-27 11:20:27
I have never been more proud of Bates. This was a beautiful day and I am so excited about what is to come for Bates,

B "53 & C "53 Pappas on 2012-10-24 11:04:59
We are sorry to see Nancy leave Bates, but know that Bates is in very capable hands. Nancy is a delightful, personable, and intelligent young woman and did a great job for Bates. We know that she will be an asset to the Foundation that she serves. We hope that our paths will cross sometime in the future so we may share a few more laughs. We wish her health, happiness, and success in all of her ventures.

David and Carol Boone on 2012-10-24 10:53:03
Nancy, we wish you the best in your new endeavor and greatly appreciate all that you have done as interim President at Bates. We will miss seeing you on campus but hope to still hear about the wonderful accomplishments to come.

Pamela Kaye on 2012-10-11 22:17:16
To Troy's Family, At my son's (Barron, '13) soccer game on Saturday, there was a moment of silence in honor of Troy. My consciousness was flooded with the inspiration that "Life is Large and Life is Long." Your lives are long and large--I pray that over time you will find comfort and meaning in the gift of Troy's wonderful life. Please know that you are being held up by the loving arms of so many who love you. With all sincerity, Pamela Kaye

Beecher on 2012-10-09 10:46:36
where are your wonderful cross country team photos

Lynne Slater Das on 2012-10-08 11:01:39
Hi, I think you have a typo in the text concerning the October 13th concert of Francine Reed. It reads: 7:30 Francine Reed: Reed is keeping the golden age of R&B alive with her blend of blues, jazz and gospel. Co-presented by Olin Arts Alive and L/A Arts. Admission: $15 / $10, increasing to $20 / $10 the day of the show or FMI 207-786-6135 or I believe you wanted to say the tickets are increasing to $20/$15 the day of the show. Thought you might like ot correct that.

Mike Pasek on 2012-10-04 21:21:17
It would be great to add College NIght in Town to the sked, taking place October 24 from 5 to 10, including the culminating concert at the franco center

Ethan Wright-Magoon on 2012-04-09 17:27:07
Great post Doug! I'm looking forward to checking out the Senior Exhibit!

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